Work with Marnely Murray

Are you looking to collaborate with Cooking with Books? As a culinary graduate and professional pastry and sous chef, I strive to include smart culinary skills to everyday recipes and love working with brands I am passionate about (and use every day in my kitchen!). Some of the brands I have worked with include HP Hood, Sabra Dipping Company, American Kitchen Cookware, and more. I would love to create a custom proposal that specifically meets your culinary and marketing goals. Email me directly at

Recipe Development

As a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and sous chef at previous restaurants, my recipe development strives to create home-friendly meals with a hint of professional culinary skills. Thinking like a cook is something that can be taught – through recipes and how to procedures. I would love to develop recipes using your products and showcasing them to my audience.


I’ve got my passport in hand and am ready to travel to farms, restaurants, and other tours to get to know your brand. I can also travel to conferences and represent your company. Sharing my travels while on the road with my readers is a great way to directly connect with them. Regarding languages, I am bilingual in both Spanish and English.

Brand Ambassador 

Ambassadorship can include recipe developing to showcase your brand, social media mentions,  blog posts, and more. Let me represent your product and share it with readers! Long-term relationships preferred.

Social Media Management and Consulting

As a social media manager for hospitality and restaurant brands, I can capture your voice and engage your audience as my own. Management of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, along with strategizing and consulting (in person or via Zoom) is also available via my digital marketing company, Shored Up Digital, based on Martha’s Vineyard.

Freelance Work & Outlets: