Excited to be bringing you some local food news from Martha’s Vineyard – which we will be doing more of this season, as the warmer weather arrives, the island chefs do their shuffle, and we start dining out much more! Let’s kick it off with a new Mediterranean-inspired cookbook, inspired by the island by a local business owner, MV Salads!

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New Book “Made with Kindness – Tales & Tastes from MV Salads on Martha’s Vineyard” includes 18 mouthwatering Mediterranean diet recipes for healthy lifestyle & longevity

MV Salads, the beloved wellness & culinary hub on Martha’s Vineyard, is thrilled to announce the release of its first-ever story cookbook, “Made with Kindness – Tales & Tastes from MV Salads on Martha’s Vineyard.” Authored by Susanna Herlitz-Ferguson, owner and founder of MV Salads, this book offers a delightful blend of heartwarming tales and delectable Mediterranean diet recipes that celebrate the joys of food, community, and island living. Alongside the recipes, the book captures the magic of Martha’s Vineyard through photos captured by local photographer, Larry Glick, and food photography by yours truly, Marnely Murray!

Applauded and endorsed by Vanessa Williams, worldfamous singer, actress, producer, author: “As someone who cherishes the art of cooking and relishes the vibrant flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, I was instantly drawn to this captivating story cookbook. Susanna skillfully captures the essence of good food, good health, and the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard. Bravo!”

The Inspiration…

Inspired by Herlitz-Ferguson’s experiences at MV Salads, the book takes readers on a journey through her popular Oak Bluffs shop. “Throughout the years working at MV Salads, I often found myself musing aloud, ‘I should write a book about what happens here at our bustling shop,'” says Herlitz-Ferguson. “I thought of chronicling my unique experiences, from heartwarming interactions to hilarious situations, and telling about our customers’ kindness, and, of course, our delicious food. Thus, at the end of the 2023 season, I took the leap of writing a story-cookbook.”

“While we have always had books and cookbooks by island authors for sale at MV Salads, I was repeatedly asked by customers why we didn’t have our own book. Eventually, it sparked an idea in me,” adds Herlitz-Ferguson.

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“Made with Kindness – Tales & Tastes from MV Salads on Martha’s Vineyard” features 18 mouthwatering Mediterranean diet recipes that promote a healthy lifestyle and longevity. From appetizers to vibrant salads bursting with fresh produce to wholesome main courses, each recipe is carefully crafted to follow Mediterranean diet guidelines, while offering nourishment and satisfaction.

Each recipe is also crafted with the star ingredient at MV Salads – their very own salad dressing, MV The Dressing®. If you haven’t tried this dressing, make sure to get yourself a bottle of it – it’s perfect not only on salads, but the best marinade and dipping sauce as well. I love using it as a base for other dipping sauces and one of my favorite ways is to use it as a base for peanut sauce because it adds so much flavor!

“This book is not just a collection of recipes; it’s a celebration of the vibrant community and culinary heritage of Martha’s Vineyard,” says Herlitz-Ferguson. “I hope that readers will find inspiration, joy, and a taste of island life within these pages.”

Within the pages, you’ll find recipes such as Baked Feta with Figs and Olives, Susanna’s Family Potato Salad, Fire-Roasted Swordfish over Couscous, and Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with Quinoa Tabbouleh, among others that will have you getting into the kitchen this season! A Mediterranean lover’s dream cookbook!

Where to get it…

“Made with Kindness” is currently available for purchase on Amazon and at MV Botiga and MV Salads. Following an introduction period, the book will expand its availability to more select retailers later in the season. Make sure to get your copy and dive into a delicious world, with snippets from your favorite island, Martha’s Vineyard!

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