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On a recent trip to Boston, we stopped by an iconic seafood and fresh lobster restaurant called James Hook + Co. You might know it – because it’s won many awards for Best Lobster Roll, as well as Traveler’s Choice, among many other national awards. 

“Since 1925, James Hook & Co., founded by Grandfather James Hook and his sons, has been a pioneering force in the lobster industry. Over time, their reputation for quality grew, attracting customers from across New England and beyond. Today, managed by the third generation of the Hook Family, the company ships over 50,000 pounds of lobster daily, both online and to wholesale seafood distributors nationwide. Located at the historic corner of Atlantic Avenue and Northern Avenue, James Hook & Co. invites visitors  to experience a taste of Boston’s culinary heritage firsthand.”

– James Hook + Co. history

Restaurants that are THAT steeped in history always are on my radar, so lunch at James Hook + Co. was a must! We loved dining outside on a spring day – nothing better!

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Here are our top three suggestions on what you should order when you’re there:

Double Stuffed Scallop: I’ve lived in New England for almost 14 years and in that time, have become obsessed with any sort of stuffed shellfish. This seafood stuffed scallop is BEYOND – I can’t even begin to explain to you how delicious it was. A bright balance of acid from the lemon and the sweet scallop meat, paired with the delicious seasoned crumbs on top makes it an appetizer I want to have over and over again!

James Hook Lobster by Marnely Murray 1

Shrimp & Corn Chowder: The ideal way to warm up on a New England spring day that promises to be warm but really just delivers cloudy weather and chilly temps mind day, ha! This chowder was packed with flavor! 

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Lobster Roll: The star of the show, this lobster roll was top-notch! The sweet lobster meat was stuffed into a grilled bun, and the lobster salad itself was perfectly tossed in mayonnaise and secret signature seasonings, which elevated it to the next level. It was also served very cold, and that contrast with the bread was lovely! 

James Hook Lobster by Marnely Murray 12

Five stars ⭐️ to James Hook + Co. for delivering not only outstanding food, but great service and ambiance! I can’t wait to take my family there this summer when they visit! Make sure to follow James Hook Lobster on Instagram for updates on seasonal specials and more!

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