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If you’re looking for a New England destination that’s filled with delicious eats, Nantucket is the perfect place for you. Over the past 13 years of living on the neighboring island of Martha’s Vineyard, darling Nantucket has always been a once or twice a year destination we always look forward to. Here’s my 2017 Nantucket Guide and a Fall Guide to Visiting Nantucket as well.

Let me show you around, this time in 2023.

Nantucket Summer 2023 70
Hydrangeas in Bloom on Nantucket, MA

Oh, let me tell you about Nantucket—it’s a total foodie paradise! Picture this: cobblestone streets (so only pack comfortable shoes), gorgeous coastline (some of the most picturesque in New England), and some seriously delicious eats. The seafood? Out of this world fresh. From succulent lobster rolls to mouthwatering oysters, you won’t want to stop indulging. And the farm-to-table scene? It’s truly on point, on such a small but mighty island. Chefs on the island are whipping up culinary magic with local ingredients, serving up dishes that will make you ask for seconds (or have three dinners in one night like we did). So, if you’re a food lover like me, Nantucket is an absolute must-visit—it’s like stepping into a culinary dreamland.

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Grilled Summer Squash with Sunflower Romesco and Shaved Bottarga at Sister Ship

Where to Eat on Nantucket

Here’s the short-list of all the things I loved this summer on Nantucket:

The Matcha Lavender Lemonade at Handlebar Nantucket on a hot day, or the Oat Milk Cortado with lavender syrup on a day you want a warm drink. Either one will bring a smile to your face!

Breakfast at the Regatta Inn was the perfect start to a day with my classic yogurt granola bowls! More about the inn that hosted me, below.

Nantaco for their breakfast burrito – very tasty and packed with flavor. Sign me up for anything with chorizo, always. I forgot to try the salsa macha they have on the tables, so make sure to try it and report back. 

Juicebar’s Watermelon Lemonade is so simple yet was AMAZING seriously, such a refreshing drink on a hot summer day.

Nantucket Summer 2023 102
The Perfect Summer Ice Cream from Jack + Charlie’s

Jack + Charlie’s Ice Cream – I know everyone raves about Juice Bar ice cream, but I had this one and it was so incredibly delicious. Warm, house made vanilla waffle cone bowl, creamy coffee ice cream, and the perfect hot fudge sauce. What dreams are made of.

Elote Fried Rice and Lobster Rangoons at Pearl Nantucket – this place is special and they are under new ownership, so it’s nice to see they have kept some legacy dishes. A splurge is the 60-second steak. Both dishes we ordered were executed perfectly.

Sister Ship at the Faraway Hotel has a Nantucket Bay Scallop Aguachile that was INCREDIBLE. The chef, Nathan, truly doing something amazing there. The space is fabulously decorated, and it’s a must if you’re looking for a quick nosh + drinks (their mocktails are divine) with friends, or a full romantic dinner with your partner.

Proprietor’s has two dishes I love – the fried broccoli (with peanuts and samba) is their staple and everyone always orders it but on this trip I tried the chicken liver cream puff – sweet savory indulgence. We also ordered the crispy sweet potatoes with harissa BBQ sauce, labneh, grilled scallions, and sesame, and it was just the perfect vegetable-forward dish.

Brotherhood of Thieves + Cisco Kitchen & Bar for sushi and Thai lettuce cup wraps were so fresh on a hot summer day! 

The Chicken Burger at The Beet is hands down the best burger ever – Basil aioli, umami sauce, potato bun. Seriously, please order one to dine-in and then grab one for the ferry ride back. It’s that good.

For more Nantucket restaurants, head over to the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce website for full directory of restaurants and more.

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Floral Scenes on Nantucket Never Disappoint

Where to Stay on Nantucket

Over the last 13 years of living on Martha’s Vineyard, I’ve probably been to Nantucket a little over a dozen times, and every time it keeps getting better. I loved having the pleasure of being hosted at the Regatta Inn, part of the Nantucket Resort Collection.

Nantucket Resort Collection — a collection of boutique inns located in the heart of Old Nantucket Town, including the recently reimagined Sherburne Inn, charming pet-friendly accommodations at the Regatta Inn, and endearing classic design with a slight edge at Chapman House — is thrilled to share new property offerings this spring season, including floral workshops, exclusive new pet offerings, an onsite historical library, updates on the future of the beloved Veranda House and more.  

“Whether they are returning once again or visiting for the first time, we are excited for our guests to discover the newest experiences with us at the Nantucket Resort Collection,” says Alicia Hehir, Director of Operations at the Nantucket Resort Collection. “With my role having expanded this year with the opportunity to look after all three properties in the collection, it’s been a pleasure to bring these new experiences to life and to continue curating the quintessential Nantucket experience for which we are known.” 

Nantucket Summer 2023 13 2

Fun Happenings at The Nantucket Resort Collection

Very Important Pet Program…

The Nantucket Resort Collection continues to pamper four-legged friends through the revamped, “VIP (Very Important Pet) Program,” providing guests traveling with pets an enhanced experience with exclusive offerings, including personal shopping appointments at local boutique Pawsitivity for design-forward pet accessories, as well as a curated Nantucket pet-friendly activity guide, complimentary dog walks per day and a special doggy toy to take home as a souvenir.  

Book Lover’s Paradise… 

Book lovers will want to make their way to the Sherburne Inn to explore the new Sherburne Library, where guests can peruse books celebrating the island of Nantucket through an honest check-in and out system. In collaboration with the Nantucket Atheneum, this dedicated space will cover all things Nantucket, including stories on Nantucket’s rich history, fiction titles set on Nantucket, and books written by local Nantucket authors. Guests can take a break from technology during their trip to dive into these works and learn more about Nantucket before returning home.  

New Nautical Necessities… 

This season, guests will find special new spaces throughout each inn. Similar to the Sherburne Inn, the Chapman House debuts a brand-new outdoor shower to provide guests a sense of comfort and ease if they are waiting for their room to become available and to ensure they can still make the most of their day on Nantucket. Guests can also take advantage of Sherburne Inn’s peaceful and intimate garden and small porch, including fun lawn games and beautiful outdoor lights for the perfect spring evening. Guests of the Regatta Inn can enjoy the property’s cozy outdoor firepit and can find time to relax out on the screen porch. 

Nantucket Summer 2023 1
Nantucket Summer 2023 2

Here’s why I loved staying at the Regatta Inn

🛳️ Complimentary golf cart pick up at the ferry, which was so nice because it was raining when I arrived and between my laptop and camera, I was already struggling to carry everything alongside my overnight bag; 

🛌 Ultra-plush beds with the softest sheets and comforters, I slept so peacefully;

💨 An air-conditioning unit that I could control easily; most hotels override control and don’t let guests adjust the temperatures and I hate that;

💻 Complimentary WiFi that actually was easy to log onto and was incredibly fast, because I had a bit of work to get done while there;

🚿 Malin+Goetz toiletries that felt like such a luxurious treat with sumptuous scents warm rum and fresh cilantro;

⛱️ Beach amenities are worth mentioning even though I didn’t use them: beach chairs, towels, totes – all at your disposal;

✨ Random amenities I also loved: a hairdryer that actually worked well on my curly hair; plugs on both sides of the bed; fresh flowers on the table; glass water bottles instead of plastic; endless snacks from morning to night in the common area, and overall the most helpful staff ever!

Please note that the inn hosted me for a night, but opinions are 100% my own. For more information, please visit to support brands and businesses that support my work in a thoughtful way.

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