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BUBBA Burger by Marnely Murray 32

It’s officially summer in the Northeast and the busiest season for those on the Cape & Islands. Living on Martha’s Vineyard for the last twelve years, we have the “season” down to a science – from mid-May through the end of September, my husband and I work full-time at a restaurant; he’s the Chef de Cuisine, working 12-16 hours, six days a week, while I am the pastry chef for not one, but two restaurants in town, working 5 am mornings baking desserts while then jumping in on weekends working on the line for dinner service. It’s safe to say that we are always running around, so when we do get that one day off a week together, we try to keep the cooking to a minimum, because we do so much of it at work.

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When BUBBA burger reached out to work in partnership with them on a summer project showcasing their convenience, we were quickly on board, because convenience is what we need the most as two chefs working endless hours every day! The fact that BUBBA burgers go from freezer to grill or cast-iron skillet (my second favorite way to cook them) and are ready in about 10 minutes, is marvelous!

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On Mondays, when we both get a day off, we want to relax and enjoy each other’s company, and most of the time, that means staying in because it’s SO busy in town and incredibly hard to get even a parking spot, so we recreate date night at home and a burger night really hits the spot when the temperatures hit over 80 degrees in Edgartown.

Using the Angus Beef BUBBA burgers, made with just one ingredient, choice beef chuck, we created a summer burger inspired by a few things: the farm-fresh kale that our local neighborhood farms have a surplus of, with the addition of creamy avocado, and a spicy chili oil sauce that is just the perfect balance to the crisp kale, the creamy avocado, and the savory BUBBA burgers. Keeping it simple and fun, we are creating the best experience at home while enjoying time together.

BUBBA Burger by Marnely Murray 34

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Here’s how this quick and easy recipe comes together:

  1. Make a quick burger sauce by whisking together 1 part of mayonnaise and 1/4 part of chili oil – adjust to your preferred spicy desire.
  2. Shred fresh kale thinly and slice avocados and pickles. Set aside and keep cool.
  3. Cook BUBBA burgers either on the grill or on a cast iron pan – I love using the cast-iron pan for a great sear. Follow the instructions on the BUBBA burger box, as they are the burger experts. Cook until the internal temperature is 160F!
  4. Serve up by layering the sauce on a burger bun, with the perfectly cooked BUBBA burger, avocado, pickles, and kale. ENJOY!

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Click Here To Learn All About BUBBA burgers. You can find them in your local grocery stores in the frozen foods section. They are a great burger to keep in the freezer for quick summer meals, date nights, or whenever friends come over unannounced and hungry!


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  1. Hasbrouck says:

    Hi Marnely,

    Loved your article on Summer Burger Date Night with Bubba Burgers! The burgers look absolutely delicious, and I love the idea of pairing them with a side of grilled peaches and sweet potato fries. It sounds like the perfect summer meal!

    One question I have is about the Bubba Burger sauce. Can you tell me more about the ingredients and how you made it? I’m always looking for new and delicious burger sauce recipes.

  2. Delighted to see this on your blog because our family LOVES Bubba Burgers! Such an easy weeknight meal for us, especially when I have nothing planned because it’s SO easy to go from freezer to grill. Our faves are their Angus and also their turkey burgers. And they’re not skimpy burgers, which is awesome. Huge fans!