2020 has been a year and condiments made said year, a smidge better. Because drowning myself in passion fruit hot sauce and making mocktails with luxurious cherries is just what the doctor ordered, okay?! Here we go with Marnely’s 2020 Condiment Holiday Gift Guide!

condiment gift guide

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  1. Pisqueya Spicy Sweet Dominican Hot Sauce ($6.99) Did I just discover my favorite hot sauce and is it Dominican, just like me? And is it made with my favorite fruit in the world, passion fruit? Yes, yes, and yes! This hot sauce has passion fruit, carrots, sugar, lemon juice, Caribbean chili peppers, kosher salt, and garlic, for a hot sauce so full of flavor it works also really well as a marinade. Try it on shrimp, you will fall in love as well.
  2. Garlicky Green Parma! ($8.50) I may not be vegan (yet) but my love for nutritional yeast is like I was. This particular one is packed with such great ingredients and it makes any and all pastas taste amazing. This version has Organic Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Kelp Powder, plus spices. Seriously, a must – try this on our salads too! Use code MARNELY for 15% off your order until December 30th, 2020.
  3. Starlino Maraschino Cherries ($19.99) Ok, these cherries. They are like the tastiest morsels of fruit you’ll ever have.  Here’s the thing about these cherries: they mature for 15 days in their natural Marasaca juice, then rest for an additional seven days to reach perfection. The result of this artisan production method is an all-natural, luxury cherry that is delightfully sweet and tart. Starlino Maraschino Cherries are made from high-quality, Italian Marasaca Cherries. Marasaca Cherries are a type of sour Morello cherry made from Royal Ann, Rainier or Gold Varieties Cherries. The de-stoned, plump, ruby red cherries produce a small “pop” after every bite, with a distinct sweet cherry flavor experience. This is a must for your mocktails and drinks this holiday season.
  4. Pumpkin Seed Oil by La Tourangelle ($17.49) Finishing oils are one of my favorite items in the kitchen, even when it’s simple but delicious olive oil. This toasted pumpkin seed oil by La Tourangelle is crazy intense in flavor! They source their pumpkin seeds from the Styrian region of Austria, home to the world’s best pumpkin seeds and then the seeds are toasted following century-old Austrian traditions. I drizzle this over ice cream, on salads obviously, and it’s really good on grilled shrimp with some fresh herbs.
  5. Don Emilio Macha Morita Pepper Hot Sauce ($6.40) I cannot say enough good things about this product. You know that Trader Joe’s Chili Crisp you all love? Well this is a hundred times better, and uses morita pepper (dried jalapeño chili pepper) combined with oils and sesame seeds for a smoky and spicy chunky sauce. It goes great on EVERYTHING.
  6. Otamot Organic Spicy Sauce (4-pack $27.99) Yes, you can make your own sauces but let me tell you these are dreamy to have in your pantry for those cold nights when you just want pasta and sauce and don’t want to think about it. Cook your pasta, add this sauce, and you’re done. It’s delicious, organic, spicy and made with 12 vegetables so it’s a win-win for carb-loving me.
  7. Sea-Chi Mild Kimchi (3-pack $29.99) My best friend is Korean, so she showed me what loving kimchi was and now, it’s a staple in our own homes. This version has fresh Maine seaweed shines in this mild, hand-crafted kimchi. It has Raw Kelp, Napa Cabbage, Daikon Radish, Salt, Garlic, Red Pepper Powder, Scallions, Sugar, Fish Sauce, Ginger, and Onion, making it just the perfect balance of flavors. Use this as a side dish or mixed into your salad, or my favorite way: make kimchi fried rice!
  8. Mama Kicks Berbere Sauce (3-pack $29.99) I discovered my love for Berbere spice on a trip to Rhode Island eight years ago, when we first dined on Ethiopian food. Having this sauce at my fingertips is amazing because it’s such an easy way to add African flavors to my everyday dishes.
  9. Strawberry Chipotle and Fig Jam by Trade Street Jam Co. ($14.00) Sweet, spicy, smoky. This vegan jam is just the thing to cook with! It’s so versatile! I love it slathered on my egg sandwich in the morning, using it as a dressing by whisking it with olive oil and vinegar, and for dinner it’s really when the options are endless: roast a pork loin slathered in it, toss some sweet potatoes in it, seriously, what’s not to love. Use code 1VAB1BT3HSQ5 for 15% off all items, now through 12/31.
  10. Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt in Premium ($35) Last but certainly not least, locally harvested Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt. The premium is just what I love to use, specially as a finishing touch to chocolate chip cookies. Now until end of December, you can get 25% off any orders over $35 with the code MARNELY.

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