I’m a morning person. Yes, I’ve become that 35 year old that can wake up at 5am and do laundry, write three blog posts, and schedule client work, while the world sleeps. For that reason, breakfast is one of my favorite meals because it allows me to start the day in a delicious and tasty way. Today, I’m sharing one of my absolute favorite breakfast spots in town, Katama General Store!

KATAMA GENERAL Bagel Breakfast Sandwich 24

Look at that photo above, isn’t she gorgeous? That’s the Katama General Store Egg Sandwich, made with free-range eggs, cheddar cheese, heirloom tomato, bacon and baby arugula on an everything bagel. How could you ever go wrong with that and a cup of hot coffee to start your day?

Katama General Store has a special place in my heart, as it’s a spot I’ve visited since I arrived on island, and every year the food just keeps getting better and better. 2020 is the second year for Chef Charles Granquist and let me just say, he has elevated the food to such extremes that I am giddy just telling you about it.

KATAMA GENERAL Breakfast Bowl 60

Breakfast for me, has to be deliciously well-seasoned. And as much as I love the convenience of an egg sandwich, I also adore seeing inventive breakfast items such as this Mediterranean Breakfast Bowl with poached free-range eggs, za’atar yogurt, red quinoa, Moroccan spiced salsa, Mermaid Farm feta, arugula, herbs, and pepitas. You can add your choice of bacon, ham, linguica, or sausage as well, which all I can say is YUM!

KATAMA GENERAL Bagel and Nova Lox 85

And if you’re a Bagel & Schmear kind of person, you have to try theirs! It’s a toasted Davidovich NY bagel with plain whipped cream cheese but you can substitute a Signature KGS House-made whipped cream cheese for just $1 and try either the Chive and Bacon Cream Cheese or the Veggie Cream Cheese!

Here’s what you don’t know: Katama General also has a HUGE garden out back where they grown the chives for their cream cheese, the herbs for all their preparations, and so much more! The owners, Jackie and Doug, really focus on bringing you the most delicious Martha’s Vineyard inspired bites, always!

KATAMA GENERAL Breakfast Sandwiches Bacon 39

And if you’re a basic kind of person and all you want is a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on an English muffin, then they got that as well! There’s something for everyone at Katama General Store and that’s why I love it as my go to breakfast spot.

They are currently serving breakfast 8am to 11am, every day except Sundays and Mondays. You can order online for ease of use and pick up at the store. If you’re visiting Martha’s Vineyard, Katama General Store is a must!

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  1. Kelly Biertempfel says:

    I’m so hungry for one of their sandwiches as well as another trip to the Vineyard right now! Thank you for your lovely words and tantalizing food photography!