In a world where takeout is now king, I thought it would be useful to showcase some of the most delicious takeout I’ve had on island up until now. Where to Order Takeout on Martha’s Vineyard is not a full list of every restaurant offering takeout, but a list of the takeout orders my husband and I have consumed.

For a full list of what island businesses are doing takeout and delivery, please head over to any of our local newspapers, as they tend to be pretty up to date. Also note, come June 8th with Phase 2 of the reopening of Massachusetts, these offerings might change to reflect outdoor dining being available as well as many more restaurants opening back up. Please contact the restaurant directly for the latest information.

Takeout on Martha's Vineyard

Restaurant: The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn in Edgartown

Kicking off with the fanciest, most fine-dining meal we have had during this social distancing time, The Terrace at the Charlotte Inn in Edgartown is known to be fancy and lovely, perfect for special occasions. Which to me, are basically every day because we are thankful for our health, our home, our jobs. We treated ourselves to date night dinner from here recently and it was truly divine.

Chef Patrice Martineau is the new executive chef there, and the man knows how to cook. He’s French, so obviously he does everything perfectly. To be honest, some of the sauces that accompanied these dishes were out of this world. I judge a chef by two things: their soups and their sauces. Two “simple” items that truly take work, technique, and time.

Don’t Miss: Roasted Black Angus 8 oz. Beef Filet with gratin dauphinois, haricot vert, sauce perigourdine with black truffles.

Stay tuned: They will soon be reopening for outdoor dining and their outdoor gardens and spaces are out of a French movie!

Takeout Terrace

Restaurant: Salvatore’s Ristorante in Vineyard Haven

When you’re craving authentic Italian food, this new restaurant in Vineyard Haven is a must. Salvatore’s Ristorante, named after the chef owner, focuses on Napoli-inspired items since Chef Salvatore is from Naples himself. I couldn’t help myself to order a little bit of everything, from the pasta to the paninis and everything was a bite straight from Italia.

Don’t Miss: The Parmigiana Eggplant with house made tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and parmesan cheese. Eggplant parmesan is a favorite but sometimes tends to be over-cooked, not this one!

Stay Tuned: This is a brand new restaurant, so we are sure to see lots of new initiatives and dishes from them.

Takeout Salvatore's

Restaurant: Town Bar & Grill in Edgartown

I had been caving sushi for probably 60 days of not more, so when our client Town Bar & Grill announced they were partnering up with one of my favorite sushi makers in town, Chef Andy, I knew I had to secure a full platter of his fresh sushi. What is it about sushi that makes you crave it so hard? It’s unlike any other of my food cravings and when I want sushi, nothing else will satisfy me. But boy oh boy did this platter satisfy us. I say us because I shared it with my business partner on the porch listening to the birds. The way sushi was intended to be consumed – without a care in the world!

Don’t Miss: The Hanabi Roll with its Spicy Tuna and Cucumber with a topping of Cooked Shrimp, crunchy, Seaweed flakes and with torched mayo and unagi sauce is INSANE.

Stay Tuned: The sushi bar run by Chef Andy is probably going to develop even more so as the outdoor dining begins, and also I love how him and his team can create custom rolls and platters to your liking!

Town Sushi Takeout-44

Restaurant: Katama General Store in Katama

The elusive brown butter poached lobster roll from Katama General Store is one I have wanted to try for the past year. Last year, I never got around to it but once they reopened for curbside, I knew I had to put it on my list and get it. Chef Charlie at Katama General is amazing and doing such an amazing job elevating every single item on that menu. Note the delicate celery leaves and chive blossom petals – those two tiny flavors added to much depth to this lobster roll, you can’t imagine imagine until you take a bite. Pictured in the back was the Turkey Club my husband ate and wouldn’t give me a bite, so there’s that.

Don’t Miss: The Lobster Roll, duh.

Stay Tuned: Owners Doug and Jackie was some of the most foodie-minded people I know on this island, and are always looking for new and exciting ways to present their food, so I look forward to many beach picnics stocked with their goods.

Takeout Katama General

Restaurant: Garde East in Vineyard Haven

It’s been interesting to see restaurants pivot. I know the word is overused during these times, but goodness the pivoting I have seen restaurants do is impressive. Take Garde East for example: a fine dining, white tablecloth restaurant that is now offering a “decadent picnic for two” with additions such as lobster potato salad, bluefish pate, cured Spanish hams, and more.

Don’t Miss: The Lobster Potato Salad, such an inventive and luxurious take on the classic potato salad!

Stay Tuned: The new chef, Will Weaver, will be working with a ton of local companies like Grey Barn and MV Sea Salt, which you can already see on his current menu and I look forward to seeing him welcomed into the island chef community.


Catering Company: V. Jaime Hamlin at Home

One thing I’ll miss about post-pandemic times will be buffets. I’m a sucker for a good buffet, because nothing makes me happier than having little bit of something on my plate. The good thing is that the local catering company V. Jaime Hamlin at Home has recreated that joy for me at home. I’ve heard about their food for years now, as they are typically the caterer for some of the top island events but this was my first time having their food. And let me just tell you, the hype was worth it.

Don’t Miss: For savory, the Corn Pudding is incredible. But their dessert, when they have on their menu, called Creme Celeste, is a must. It is hands down the best panna cotta you will ever have. I wish I had some right now.

Stay Tuned: This summer they will be adapting and doing more drop off cocktail parties, clambakes, and small family gatherings, so if you host any of these, please invite me!

Takeout Jaime Hamlin

Bettini Restaurant at the Harbor View Hotel

If you’ve followed me on the blog or social media for any amount of time, you know I spend a good amount of time dining at the Harbor View Hotel, rocking myself on their porch using their WiFi and getting work done overlooking the lighthouse, and heck – we even got married there! It’s a special place for sure, and their meals are always delightful. When their Bettini Restaurant launched their takeout menu, we knew it would be special but couldn’t imagine it would be this special. Everything we tasted was so delicious and well done, plus their packaging was pristine!

Don’t Miss: The Scallops or the Lemongrass Wings, I can’t pick one! Plus, you get the treat of Roxy’s Rainbow Cookies (pictured in the photo below) and those are divine all on their own.

Stay Tuned: The Bettini staff can also curate a chef inspired date night package (two appetizers, entrees, desserts and a bottle of wine) as well as family-sized presentations. Plus – golf cart delivery is available to anyone in Historic Edgartown.

Takeout Bettini

Restaurant: The Barn, Bowl, & Bistro in Oak Bluffs

As much as I love fried chicken, and this fried chicken from The Barn, Bowl, & Bistro is seriously so good, the sides are what always get me. A meal where I can order four types of sides? Sign me up!  Coleslaw, beans, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese – yes please. The fried chicken is juicy, tender, and flavorful. It’s fried in a pressure fried, which totally scare me but I guess it results in amazing chicken!

Don’t Miss: The Fried Chicken that’s always available or the Indian night meals on Wednesdays.

Stay Tuned: Make sure to check them out on Facebook, as they are always running raffles and giveaways!

Barn Takeout Fried Chicken-14

Restaurant: Rockfish in Edgartown

I think this was our first takeout meal during social distancing and I fondly remember it because it was so good! Rockfish has one of the best risotto dish on island, so I knew I had to get that with the salmon, Their wings are wood-oven baked so the flavor is incredible, and their burgers are just meaty and juicy and hit the spot. Oh and this might seem random, but their ranch? The sauce that comes with the wings? It’s actually an herb buttermilk dipping sauce that is SO good I ate three full carrots last time just dunking it in that sauce.

Don’t Miss: The Pan Roasted Atlantic Salmon with corn & applewood smoked bacon risotto, haricots verts, and cider reduction!

Stay Tuned: They are always adding specials to their menus and their desserts always look so good!

Takeout Rockfish

Catering Company: Premier Chef Services

I have loved experiencing catering companies at home, since you can typically only enjoy their foods if you are attending catered events. This company, Premier Chef Services, is one that has truly created a brand new offering. Every weekend they have offered a type of international cuisine and the one pictured below was an authentic Indian meal. Between the chewy, warm naan bread to the rich and vibrant chicken korma, I was head over heels. Plus, I had to get a bottle of this new to me hot sauce called Sweet Reaper, which you can order online! We literally just ran out today after using up the last drops on our dinner tonight, and I am excited to stock up on more soon!

Don’t Miss: Any of his international menu offerings – we have had Indian and Vietnamese, and they have both been delicious!

Stay Tuned: They will be offering clam and lobster bakes and I had a sneak peek at that menu and I know that I’m going to have to treat myself to one ASAP!

Takeout Premier Chef Services

Catering Company: Buckley’s Catering Company

Like I said, it’s a treat to enjoy catering companies creative meals because unless you go to all the fun and fancy events on island, you really get to taste their foods, so I love this pivot that the catering companies are doing. I personally only attend a few of those fancy events on Martha’s Vineyard and have enjoyed Buckley’s Catering a few times before, so I knew I was in for a treat. I love the varied menu they offer weekly, and I treated myself to Chicken  Marsala with roasted potatoes, caramelized onions and haricot verts, plus a salad and toffee brownies to balance the deal and it was such a delicious and generous meal, that I still think about! This family owned company on island is really pushing the limits on quality, comfort meals and I recommend them to everyone.

Don’t Miss: Any of their main dishes, but also always get their salads because we all need some nourishment in our lives these days.

Stay Tuned: They are offering curbside pickup or delivery on island, plus clam and lobster bakes I hear!

Buckley's Catering

Restaurant: Atria

I don’t really have favorites when it comes to restaurants but there are some places that I really love and visit a few times a year, and such is Atria. Last summer I dined at Atria about 5 times, which is a lot for one restaurant in a span of 3 months really. Their consistency, their bright vibrant flavors, really just get me. So when they started doing takeout, I was ready to indulge once again!

Don’t Miss: Their Coconut Crusted Prawns with Indonesian Peanut Sauce & Mango with sweet chili, toasted peanuts, and avocado, oh my goodness these flavors are INSANE! A must, and next time I am ordering a double portion of it.

Stay Tuned: They are reopening for outdoor dining July 1st!


Do you have a favorite takeout on Martha’s Vineyard? Let me know in the comments below!

Where to Order Takeout on Martha’s Vineyard

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