If you live in New England and have yet to travel over to Nantucket, make sure to put it on your bucket list! Whether you’re planning an off-season or summer trip, this little gem of an island has so much to offer. Thanks to NIR Retail for the invitation to explore Nantucket! 

Nantucket Travel Guide

Living in New England has so many perks and specifically, living on Cape Cod and the Islands. The fact that you can get on a ferry and be in a whole different world in an hour or so is pretty fabulous. And as someone who lives on Martha’s Vineyard, you might be wondering, how different can Nantucket be? Well, today I’m here to share some of my favorite reasons why visiting Nantucket at least twice a year makes for the best escape. Thanks to NIP Retail, three other bloggers and myself had the opportunity to jump on a ferry and explore Nantucket on a gorgeous end of summer day. Follow along as I take you to some of the best spots on this little island.

Nantucket Travel Guide

Like I mentioned, the best way to get to the island is by hopping on a Hy-Line Cruises High Speed Ferry. If you’re on MV, it departs from the town of Oak Bluffs, but if you’re on the mainland, get yourself to Hyannis on the Cape and depart from there. Nantucket is a Native American term that means far away island in the language of Wampanoag Indians, who were the original islanders. But riding with he Hy-Line Cruises makes it just a hop, skip, and jump away!

Nantucket Travel Guide

Our first stop on island was Brant Point Grille at the White Elephant Hotel, where we sipped on their ever so popular Lobster Bloody Mary. With breathtaking views of the harbor, I can understand why visitors would flock to this restaurant – because nothing is better than dining with a water view, right? The White Elephant Hotel seemed like the most gorgeous hotel on island honestly, so I look forward to heading back over for a little getaway next spring. With 67 guestrooms, suites, garden cottages and spectacular in-town lofts, they have something for everyone – from couples on a romantic getaway to large family vacations. I’m obsessed with the in-town lofts, which are a dream where you can sleep in and then walk right into town for your morning coffee.

Nantucket Travel Guide

Now, I typically travel for the food (and granted, Nantucket has some of the best on the East coast), but this trip was a little more focused on showcasing local retailers and that was the best part honestly, because we discovered some incredible shops, brands, and shop owners that were fabulous at their craft! So, here we go – shopping on Nantucket 101:

Skinny Dip Nantucket: A curated collective concept store housing a mix of men’s, women’s and lifestyle brands, with a focus on introducing fresh and new designers from around the country. Another women-owned business, this time by two women that started the brand. The shop is spacious and with such fun energy – the showcase of brands is incredible and I loved how they curate the brands and display them.

Nantucket Travel Guide

deWolfe Leather Goods: if you’re obsessed with leather goods, these are what you need. Maker Gina deWolfe creates each and every piece by hand and when we visited her shop, she showed us around. Inspired by a tool she found of her grandfather’s, leather and her became one. Now, she creates everything from bracelets to handbags, each with their very own essence. Whether you’re looking for a minimal leather backpack or the perfect day to night envelope clutch, she has it. Plus, the fact that while you shop, you’re supporting a woman-owned business – win-win for everyone!

Nantucket Travel Guide

N.TUC Marche: if you love vintage prints, N.TUC Marche is just the spot. Inspired by old time Nantucket prints, designs, posters, and more, the brand showcases the motifs on everything from dresses to bags, and everything in between. It’s a great way to score a souvenir that’s not something meaningless, but a piece that might even become a treasure. The dresses are made with incredible care and quality, and the designs are whimsy yet timeless. Even if you’ve never been to Nantucket, their online store makes it ease to score a piece!

Charleston Shoe Company: I’ve started seeing this brand more and more, and their brand and mission, which is basically to enable women to never wear an uncomfortable shoe ever again, is admirable. I’ve been eyeing some for upcoming travel and love the bright colors that bring me joy. Because we all need a little extra bright colors in our world, don’t we? Obsessed with their loafers, so comfy!

Nantucket Whaler: Now this is what everyday boat captains wear, so you know the clothes will last forever. “Well-crafted and resilient”, as the owner describes them, we shopped around and were gifted one of her staple white Oxford shirts and oh dear, is it a current favorite. I’m one with my final wardrobe, so for a new piece to enter it, it must be worthy. Shop the Nantucket Whaler New England Oxford!

Shopping on Nantucket -2

Now, if you know me, you know most of my hard earned cash is spent on food or food-related experiences. But what was most eye-opening about this Nantucket trip was that the five shops we visited were ALL women-owned shops! How incredible is that?! Even finding a couple of established women-led brands is stuff, much less discovering FIVE of them all in the time it took us to walk around town. With that, I can come to terms with spending that hard-earned cash – because I know I’ll be supporting a dream. And that, my friends, is worth it.

Women Owned Nantucket Businesses

But let’s be real, the food on Nantucket cannot be forgotten. The restaurants, the chefs, the menus – everything I’ve ever had on this island has been amazing, but nothing like the meal we experienced at The Club Car. Recently renovated, this island institution inside is now bright and airy, with tones of the sea in blues and whites, with some gorgeous artwork and light fixtures I seriously wanted to take home.

Nantucket Travel Guide

We were treated to a tasting of their lunch menu and let’s just say the flavors, textures, and components of it all blew us all away. Everything from the mussels to the zucchini lemon fritters, along with the warm dates stuffed with marcona almond butter – the creativity of the chefs in that kitchen was outstanding. The food is carefully sourced from local New England and Nantucket farms and the team there showcases it all too well.

They even have a separate section for “toasts” and I giggled to myself, thinking how much I do love toasted bread topped with anything and everything. Their gazpacho was light and delicious, the salads crisp and full of flavor. Honestly, I need to go back to the Club Car just to try their dinner menu, which looks as outstanding as the lunch we experienced.

Nantucket Travel Guide
A trip that’s not easy to put into words (and over a thousand have gone into trying to!), every time I visit Nantucket I fall more and more in love with this island. The people, the shops, the food, the chefs, the community – it’s all such a dream. Thanks again to NIR Retail for putting together such a fabulous experience. For more Nantucket fun, make sure to visit the blogs of the ladies that were on the trip with me – all accomplished and incredibly lovely bloggers from the New England area:

“I have the truly divine pleasure of traveling to the coveted-ly charming Nantucket. The drive down from Boston was a bit of a hike to Hyannis, but I felt giddy butterflies pretending this was my work commute.” – One CrafDIY Girl, Marissa

“Ok, I’ll admit that I might have a small obsession with Nantucket. She’s a lovely little island off the coast of Massachusetts that has a big presence. (Or maybe it’s just me.)” – The Stopover, Meagan

“Just a hop, skip and a ferry ride away, Nantucket takes you out of reality and into a beautiful world of hydrangeas and cobblestone roads.” –A Chic Voyage, Danielle

Nantucket Travel Guide

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  1. Never been to Nantucket. Headed to the Vineyard this weekend for the week. LOVE IT THERE !!!