If you’ve been searching high and low for a makeup brand that’s not chockfull of chemicals, today I’m sharing my favorite makeup and beauty products from the Pacifica Natural Minerals brand – and why they’re an affordable, smart choice when evolving to cleaner beauty. 

Cleaner Makeup in 2017

Makeup is such a struggle, even when you’re not trying to find natural brands. There’s just so much of it and it’s hard to make up your mind between brands, scents, and products. I’m here to make that choice much easier by introducing you to Pacifica, a 100% vegan and cruelty free beauty brand that you can find not only online, but at your local Target!

Cleaner Makeup in 2017

One thing I encounter with natural beauty makeup lines is the lack of color in them and the lack of staying power. Thankfully, Pacific really addresses those concerns and the makeup has incredible paying power and the eyeshadows are some of the most pigmented shades I’ve ever used.

I personally tend to use less makeup than the next girl over, so here’s what’s in my current makeup bag, all from Pacifica:

  • TRANSCENDENT CONCENTRATED CONCEALER – this concealer not only does it’s job, but is packed with ingredients like coconut water, sweet iris stem cells, and ginseng extract, to really nourish my delicate under eye skin.
  • ALIGHT MULTI-MINERAL BB CREAM – close to a tinted moisturizer, this isn’t about the coverage, but just evening out your skin tone. It’s very light and perfect for mornings when you don’t want much on your face.
  • BLUSHIOUS COCONUT & ROSE INFUSED CHEEK COLOR – like the name says it, it’s infused with coconut and rose, to give you a bright pop of color, specially in the winter. I like to dab an extra bit on the bridge of my nose for that sun-kissed look.
  • ENLIGHTEN EYE BRIGHTENING SHADOW PALETTE – this is the eyeshadow I am talking about – it literally brightens my eyes from one swipe. The palette has just enough colors for me – with just one dark pigment that works that one day out of the year I want a smoky eye.
  • NATURAL EYE PENCIL – not only waterproof but it’s packed with ingredients like jojoba oil, Shea butter, and Vitamins E and C, making this a dream to glide around your eyes.
  • DREAMY COVER BARE-FACED SERUM FOUNDATION SPF 20 – this is the foundation you want for full coverage! I only use this when I’ll be in photos or need to attend a fancy event. It’s oil-based, so it’ll do the whole coverage thing while leaving a dewy texture behind.

100% vegan. Cruelty-free. Formulated without carmine, FD&C color, parabens and petroleum – it’s all you’re looking for in a beauty and makeup brand. Consider making the switch, since we use makeup on an almost daily basis and you want the most natural brand you can find. Your skin is your largest organ – protect and nourish it!

Cleaner Makeup in 2017

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  1. I was looking for this! Thanks for sharing, will definitely try some Pacifica products out!