Kick off the new year with a focus on cleaner beauty – this is the reason I started “Beauty for Foodies”, so everyone can understand that moving to safer beauty products is the way to go. To start the year, let me introduce you to some body oils that will take your winter skin from parched to glowing. These are the Soapwalla Body Oils are a must in your winter beauty routine!

Beauty for Foodies: Soapwalla

Although December is the official start to the winter season, January is really when our skin starts to feel that seasonal change. Distracted by holidays and parties, it takes a while for us to understand that ’tis the season for dry, itchy, flaky skin and that’s definitely not how I want to start my new year. Instead of grabbing your usual drug store lotions and creams, which swear by how “moisturizing” they are, take a minute to read the ingredients and judge for yourself. My line of defense is a quick one: if it contains the word “fragrance” on the ingredients, it’s chemical warfare for my skin. Granted, you should be looking for a million other chemicals that brands put in their body care, but in my opinion, fragrance is a simple word, easy to find, and not hard to pronounce like sodium laureate sulfate.

That’s why I’m obsessed and can’t recommend a more luxurious, more pleasant smell natural body oils than the ones made by Soapwalla. Can we start with the Citrus Almond Body Oil? It’s divine combination of pure almond and citrus essential oils create an intoxicating fragrance that anyone would love to slather themselves with. And the ingredients? All vegan, food-grade safe, and organic! This body oil contains jojoba and baobab seed oils, which repair the skin and lock in moisture. Echium and chia seed oils, high in Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, reduce inflammation and increase skin hydration.

Beauty for Foodies: Soapwalla

Up next, their Lavender Vanilla Mint Body Oil. Did you catch that? Lavender, vanilla, and mint – all in one bottle. It smells soothing because of the lavender but with a hint of revitalizing thanks to the mint, with the vanilla really bringing it all together. This is the oil I love to use after a warm shower before bed. The aromatherapy ritual that it creates calms me down before a restful night’s sleep.

Beauty for Foodies: Soapwalla

Honestly, I use this all over and who I’m too lazy, I’ll cover my face with it as well, it’s that good. The pure essential lavender oil in it is fantastic if you have any redness or suffer from eczema-prone skin – it calms and hydrates, leaving you feeling like you can finally take a breath.

This new year, if you’re still looking for goals to set, maybe you might consider having a cleaner, safer beauty cabinet? Look through my other Beauty for Foodies posts for inspiration, but I urge you to treat yourself to this lifestyle.

Because it’s not only what we eat, but what we slather on all skin every day, that makes us healthy (or not). And if we continue slathering our skin, aka our largest organ, with fragrances and chemicals, I promise, we won’t be happy in the end. There, I’ll get off my soapbox now. Cheers to a new year and a new, healthier you!

Beauty for Foodies: Soapwalla

Disclosure: This post features products received for editorial consideration. Beauty For Foodies receives editorial samples at times and only showcases those that I feel align with the mission of this project, never swayed by freebies. If you have any questions about our process and how products are chosen to be showcased, contact me at marnely [at] gmail [dot] com.

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