Discovering some of Boston’s best restaurants is one of the reasons we always stay and extra day or two while traveling – and today’s post is about a recent discovery: Trade Boston. A city filled with some of the best restaurants in the country, Boston is certainly my favorite.

Trade in Boston, MA

This past fall we had a chance to visit Trade Boston, located on 540 Atlantic Avenue in Boston, and i certainly became an instant favorite. The menu seasonal changes, so you might see some different items, but overall you’ll fall in love with the techniques and flavor combinations that inspire the culinary team.

Dining at Trade, Boston

The cocktail menu is quite creative and we taste a “Beets by Trade” made with Bullyboy vodka, beet and cucumber simple syrup, lime, and pineapple. Whenever I can get my vegetables in my cocktails, I say that’s a win for the day! 

Dining at Trade, Boston

Squash that was perfectly roasted and caramelized, served with fresh mint and a North African sauce/paste, it might just be the best way to eat squash…

Dining at Trade, Boston

Keeping with the root vegetables, we had to get the fried sweet potatoes topped with celery leaves – first, sweet potatoes are like my kryptonite and second because celery is so underused, so it’s nice to see that typical “waste” show up on a gorgeous dish.


Trade Boston has a section of flatbreads, with currently these tasty options on the menu:

  • Mushroom and Figs with gorgonzola, sage pesto and walnuts
  • Pork Sausage with fennel puree, pecorino and mustard seed
  • Tasso Ham and Smoked Gouda with roasted corn, pickled pepper and onion
  • Lamb Sausage with eggplant, Manchego, peppers and garlic yogurt  

If the Brussels sprouts are on the menu, get them! Topped with a chorizo and garlic aioli, they’ll blow your tastebuds away!

Dining at Trade, Boston

As an entree, the Seared Salmon with shredded kale salad, lemon-tahini dressing and pistachio was something that inspired me to recreate this dish at home and it turned out so tasty. Sometimes you’re looking for lighter options but still packed with flavor and this hit the spot.

Dining at Trade, Boston

But nothing hit the spot more than the ice cream cookie trio they served us: gingersnap with pumpkin ice cream, orange cook with cranberry ice cram, and graham cracker with Wild Turkey Bourbon and walnut ice cream. Even if it’s freezing out, ice cram is always a good idea.

On you next trip to Boston, make sure o grab lunch, dinner, or cocktails at Trade – you won’t be disappointed! 

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