Celebrate the new year with a cocktail – whether you like your New Year’s Eve Cocktails to be fruity, spicy, herbaceous, or just plain boozy, I’ve got you covered.

Thanks for making 2016 an outstanding year, for reading and commenting and for your incredible support – may 2017 bring us all delicious adventures!  


Whether you’re hosting a New Year’s Eve Cocktail Party or cuddling on the couch wrapped in blankets with your loved one, you’re going to need a cocktail (or a mocktail if alcohol isn’t your thing). I’ve got you covered with some of my favorite recipes – and most of them can be altered to be made with no alcohol. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Cheers to a better 2017! Below I’m sharing cocktails and a fun way to serve to act of your friends at the party.


Spiced Coconut Cardamom Cocktail – for your “clean eating” friend that’s obsessed with coconut everything

Dark & Stormy Rum Cocktail – for your tanned friend that just came back from the Caribbean


Cranberry Grapefruit Cocktail – your for Cape Cod friends that miss fresh cranberries

Grapefruit Jalapeno Martini – for your girlfriend planning a trip to Mexico in 2017


Citrus Hibiscus Fizz – for that lightweight friend that can’t have more than two drinks (that’s me!)


Late Harvest Berry Apple Sangria – for the hostess that doesn’t want to play bartender all night, make a big batch of this sangria

Strawberry Fields Forever Cocktail – for the friend that froze summer berries and can make this drink


Rose & Hibiscus Cocktail – for your newly engaged friends to cheers their love

Pomegranate Blueberry Cocktail – for your health conscience friends that need antioxidants in every drink


Rosemary Blueberry Citrus Mocktail – for the pregnant friend or recovering friend that don’t want to feel left out


White Tea and Watermelon Cocktail – for that “endless summer” friend


 Citrus White Wine Sangria – another perfect batch cocktail for the hostess that doesn’t want to slave over cocktails all night, double batch this!

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