Finding fine wines to Sip while in Boston is a wine tasting adventure waiting to happen, and for me, it all started at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

This is the second post in my partnership with the Sheraton Boston, one where I’m sharing not only about the hotel, but focusing on all that Boston has to offer regarding food, wine, culture, and activities. Opinions are 100% my own, whether or not complimentary services and stays are offered. 

A couple of weekends ago, Martha’s Vineyard Wine Fest took part in one of the biggest wine expositions in the nation: the Boston Wine Expo. Not only that, but I also stayed at the Sheraton Boston Hotel. While there, I discovered the fine wines available.

Sheraton Boston Wine Bar's "Wineemotion" allows fine wines to be dispensed by the glass at optimal temperatures.

Wine became a big part of my life after co-founding the MV Wine Fest four years ago. Before then, wine never really played a part in my life; I always gravitated towards the clear spirits: vodka and gin being the first choices.

Fast forward four years and wine is my life! I don’t even drink, besides the drink of Greek gods, but I’m the girl that loves Chardonnay. The oakier, the better. I give every wine an opportunity, and while in Boston for the Wine Expo, I rested my wine-dazed head at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

You might be wondering what that cool wine apparatus is above. It’s the newest innovation at Sheraton Boston Hotel’s bar, the SideBar. This wine dispenser system is called “The Wineemotion”. It enables bars and restaurants to serve wine by the glass at a perfect temperature, with the highest hygiene standards.

This program is called Sheraton Selects, an upgraded premium wine menu featuring highly rated wines. With their state of the art wine dispenser unit, they’re able to keep currently three white wines and five red wins for more than 90 days – this allows them to offer more wines by the glass.

The Sheraton Hotel wine bar has a wide variety of fine wines available.

The concept of this wine dispenser is quite genius and I’m excited that my favorite Boston hotel has it! Jonathan Sobel, Director of Restaurants, Bars, & Venues, guided me through not only a tasting of the wine on tap, but also went into an in-depth explanation of how the wine dispenser works and why it works so well.

First of all, the wine is preserved for longer. We all know that the moment we open a bottle of wine, oxidation starts happening almost immediately, which deteriorates your wine. The wine dispenser uses inert gas to preserve the wine from oxidizing – it uses the exclusive ISOL-PLUS system which preserves aroma and scents, keeping the bottles isolated from one another.

Sheraton-Wine-Bar - "Wineemotion" wine dispensing system.

Secondly, the consumer is always getting the same amount – whether they order 2, 4, or 6 ounces. The constant change of staff at bars, makes for a variety of pours and consistency is key in the restaurant business. I appreciated that there is no waste with this system and the customer (me!) can decide on how much wine I want. Sometimes, I just want to taste something new and the 2 ounce pour is perfect. Other times, I want to pair something with my food, and the 4 ounce pour is ideal. And if I’m not hungry and just want to relax at the bar, the 6 ounce bar is the way to go!

Some of the fine wines at my tasting included:

  • M. Chapoutier, Blanc – “Les Granits”, 100% Marsanne, Rhone, France 2012
  • Kistler, Chardonnay – “Les Noisetiers”, Sonoma Mountain, California, 2013
  • Flowers, Pinot Noir – Sonoma Coast, California, 2013
  • Allegrini, Amarone Della Valpolicella – Valpolicella Classico, Veneto, Italy, 2010

When ordering fine wines at the Sheraton Boston Hotel, make sure to order a bite of food from their Paired menu. Read more about Paired at Sheraton Boston here.


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