Exploring Boston’s cocktails is something you need to hear about! Today, I’ll share my love for Boston, Boston’s cocktails, and a hotel bar you need to check out at the Boston Park Plaza

Discover the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and it's bar & dessert offerings!

If you were to ask me what my favorite city is, Boston comes to mind instantly.

Boston has become my go-to city for mainland eating, drinking, shopping, and relaxing. Since we live on Martha’s Vineyard, most of our travel take place as Boston as the starting point (MV airport is tiny!). So with the excuse of having to stay overnight in Boston before a trip, we’ve discovered some incredible hotels in the city and one we’ve fallen in love with: The Boston Park Plaza Hotel. Rich in history, The Boston Park Plaza Hotel has distinguished itself with classic elegance and detailed oriented service that continues to attract travelers from all over the world who visit Boston for business or pleasure.

Exploring the Boston Park Plaza Hotel reveals not one, but SIX on-site restaurants and lounges!

Off the CommonSTRIP by StregaSmith & WollenskyAu Bon PainFinale, and MJ O’Connor’s are all magnificent! 

On our latest trip, we enjoyed cocktails and desserts at the newly renovated lobby restaurant, Off the Common. Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it makes traveling so much more enjoyable, especially if you’re too exhausted after a trip to head out of your hotel.
Exploring the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and it's bar & dessert offerings!

“The seasonal menu offers high quality, locally-inspired cuisine that is an alternative to standard hotel food, while remaining comfortable. Utilizing the service of “Trace and Trust”, we are able to share with guests the location and the origin story of where the seafood they’re eating is caught.”

I fell in love while exploring their menu, a tribute to Boston’s rich history, heritage, and culture. We ordered three tasty cocktails:

  • Ask Kennedy [Bully Boy Rum, Lemon Juice, Apricot Jam, Honey] – This cocktail states that when you asked John Fitzgerald Kennedy his cocktail of choice, the Boston native would have answered “a daiquiri”. Notorious for enjoying classic daiquiris, this is a modern twist on the classic.
  • Romeo and Juliet [Grey Goose Noir, St. Germaine, Pure Cane, Lemon, Agave] – Inspired by the endearing sight of Romeo and Juliet, a pair of mute swans that are paraded through the Common to the lagoon at Boston Garden each spring.
  • Cocoanut Grove [Priveteer Amber Rum, Disaronno, Coconut Cream, Lime, Pineapple, Citrus Soda] – This unique coconut-infused cocktail commemorates the 1942 Cocoanut Grove fire, the scene of the historic, tragic nightclub fire during which the hotel’s Imperial Ballroom was used as the triage center.

Not only were the flavors on point, but reading the history of each cocktail was like a tiny extra bit of education about the city I love.

Discover the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and it's bar & dessert offerings!

Exploring Boston’s dessert menu is a must!

It’s titled “Lovely Conclusions”, and we tasted the French Quarter Beignets,  served with a warm chocolate dipping sauce. We also enjoyed a divine Layered Strawberry-Rhubarb Short Cake with vanilla bean whipped cream! Check our their full fall menu here and make sure to stop by next time you’re in Boston!

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  1. Wow, i love to discover wonderful cocktails around the world. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I have sadly never been to Boston, but I’m dying to make it there one day. That strawberry and rhubarb short cake looks reason enough to go!

  3. Yum! I think that the Cocoanut Grove would be my drink of choice, although they all should delicious.

  4. Deb Wojcicki says:

    Spectacular post – Looking forward to trying some of these yummy concoctions myself!

  5. Love this post Nelly. Two things i love, History, and Cocktails!!! Now me and Lindsey are gonna have to check this place. out.