Inspired by The W.E.L.L. Summit, a celebration of living well, making empowered consumer decisions, learning from top professionals—and the luxury of health, I’ve created this ultimate 2015 Beauty Gift Guide focusing on products with minimal ingredients and no parabens.

2015 Beauty Gift Guide

(listed from left to right; top to bottom)

  1. Arya Essentials Face Oil: for the past two years, my skincare routine has always included some type of natural face oil. Discovering this one from Arya was perfect – a potent blend of essentials oils and herbs revitalizes my skin the moment I put it on. Herbs such as amla and brahmi are used to boost collagen production and tulsi (which I also drink in tea form) is abundant in antioxidants that purify the skin.
  2. Coyuchi Washcloth: face towels or washcloths are the highlight of my cleansing ritual. I love pressing a warm washcloth to my face – it helps me decompress and relax, specially when I add a couple drops of lavender oil. These lightweight Turkish washcloths have excellent absorption and woven from yarn dyed organic cotton.
  3. 21 Drops – Sleep: right before bed I roll some of this blend on my pulse points and I drift into a relaxing sleep. A blend of 100% essential oils, including: Palmarosa (diminishes anxiety), Sandalwood (quiets the mind), Vetiver (soothes and helps relaxation), and Ylang Ylang (encourages peace).
  4. Schmidt’s Bergamot and Lime Deodorant: I’ve been trying to find a natural deodorant and I think this one is the winner – it smells amazing, keeps my underarms dry, and it’s easy to apply. Free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens & phthalates – plus it’s disinfectant and heals my skin.
  5. Jacq’s Organics Green Smoothie Face Masque & Scrub: has your skin ever felt hungover? This masque is just what I use when my skin needs a boost and needs a little detox. A blend of organic sea kelp, activated bamboo charcoal, rhassoul and bentonite clay, as well as almond meal, make this a two part ritual that starts with a light scrub once you slather it on your skin. Then it sits on your skin while it draws out all those toxins -you can actually feel it doing so. Seriously, this mask is an all-time favorite!
  6. Lotus Wei Radiant Energy Elixir: this is an energy booster for sure! “Energy, vitality, protection, strength, powerful presence, immune system boost, gentle cleanse of environmental toxins, recharge after air travel, computer use, x-rays” – basically protects us from our every day life. Just the aromas will make you happier, healthier – at least it does to me!
  7. Petit Vour Subscription Box: nothing makes me happier than a treat in the mail and a subscription box is the way to go. Petit Vour is a cruelty-free and vegan beauty box – I had a chance to meet the creators of it and they emphasized how curated the boxes are; they are REALLY picky about what products go into their boxes, so you’re assured totally great products! A subscription makes a great gift idea, anyone need my address?
  8. Mother Dirt Cleanser: “Conventional cleansing products contain surfactants, preservatives, and other chemicals that can negatively affect the good bacteria of the skin.” This biome-friendly cleanser foams up nicely – and I love the expiration date is “four weeks after your first pump”. This makes me aware, since I tend to keep products for way longer than they should be.

Let me know what you loved from this beauty gift guide – and how your gift recipients loved them. Happy Holidays, friends! 

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  1. Jessica Smith says:

    Love this. By the way, I’ve been using Jacqs Organics Masque for months and I love it.