It’s called “endless summer” because we all don’t want it to end, right? That being said, this recipe for a tasty Caprese Chicken dinner option is the best way to use up your juicy tomatoes and basil! 

Delicious Caprese Chicken

For me, the perfect end of summer dinner is one that showcases my favorite summer ingredients: tomatoes and basil. And with just one last chance for this meal, I urge you to gather those last tomatoes hanging from the vine and pluck some fresh basil from the garden (or shop your local markets if you don’t have a green thumb). This is my latest recipe for American Kitchen using their 10-inch non stick frying pan and you can click on this link to check it out: Caprese Chicken

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post part of my latest partnership with American Kitchen. 

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  1. What a great way to capture the flavors of summertime in a comforting entree! I love the high sides of that pan – perfect for cooking almost any kind of dish.

  2. This is perfect for holding onto summer just a little while longer 🙂