Spring is the best time to recharge and rewind – the perfect time to treat yourself to an amazing BluePrint Cleanse – read more about my experience and how I made it work for me! 

BluePrint Cleanse

BluePrint, the innovators behind the juice cleanse, just launched not one but TWO new green juices this month – Arugula Kale & Chard Basil! Rich with nourishing nutrients and bursting with unique flavors, these juices are truly unlike any other green juice out there.

Arugula Kale – Peppery arugula and powerhouse kale pair up for a one-of-a-kind flavor. The Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Calcium in these ingredients are known to help your skin stay hydrated and healthy in addition to easing stress.

Chard Basil– Super foods chard and collards in the Chard Basil juice are not only low in calories but also offer a ton of nutritional value like Vitamin K, which is known to help build strong bones. This juice is tasty too, with spicy and sweet herbal notes of basil.

Of these new juices, my favorite was the Chard Basil! Seriously, the fresh basil in this juice really makes for a delicious way to drink your greens – plus I’m all about herbs in my cooking and juicing!

BluePrint Cleanse

Along with the new juices, I had a chance to review the Renovation Cleanse by BluePrint and I’m here to tell you that this carb-loving baker actually made it through this 3-day Blueprint cleanse! Read below for my tips on how to jump into a cleanse if you’re food-obsessed like me, learn what my favorite juices were, and more.

  • The Renovation Cleanse has been referred to as “a gateway cleanse,” and I can see why. It’s pretty satisfying and won’t leave you feeling crazy hungry, plus you’ll see some results at the end of the three days.
  • Before starting any cleanse, consult with your doctor or health practitioner. I’ve done cleanses before and had good times & bad times. To make sure you have a good time, my biggest piece of advice is you have to PREPARE to cleanse.
  • How do I prepare for a Blueprint cleanse? Personally, since I eat carbs, red meat, and delicious baked goods 3-4 times a week, I start by reducing my intake of those – the closer I can get to a vegetarian diet, the better I’ll feel during the cleanse. If you think it’s a good idea to indulge in a steak dinner before starting a cleanse the next morning, you’re wrong.
  • Another great way to prepare is by upping your water intake. I drink between 100-130 ounces of water daily, so this was something that I was on track with. And talking about liquids, skip the late night cocktails the week you plan on cleansing.
  • During the cleanse, it’s not about all or nothing. I tend to add something mid-afternoon if I “think” I’m starving. My biggest obstacle during a juice cleanse is that I miss hot foods + chewing, so I’ll have half a steamed sweet potato with salt, a boiled egg, or some cooked quinoa sprinkled with dried cranberries. These all “take the edge off” and I don’t go crazy.
  • Start drinking the juices early – if you start your first juice at 10am because “you aren’t hungry in the morning”, it’ll be tough to get all 6 juices down by bedtime. Space them out – by day two you’ll get the hand of it.
  • Another addition to my cleanse is a bedtime herbal tea – the warm tea calms me before bed and gets me ready to unwind.

For anyone trying to jump into the juice cleanse lifestyle, give the Blueprint cleanse a try.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but it has some great results. My skin was clearer than ever, I felt less bloated, and lost about 3-4 pounds that week!

Disclaimer: BluePrint sent the juices to me, free of charge to review. Opinions are my own.

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