When we visit new cities, 99% of the time we are visiting for the food. Food and travel are so uniquely intertwined that it’s a given when we travel. That’s why we decided a second trip to Las Vegas was a must. Great memories reminded me that Las Vegas was the reason I started this blog and you can read my first post here!

Our most recent trip brought us to Yusho, Japanese Grill & Noodle House located at the Monte Carlo Hotel. A little more about Yusho: Street food is simple—it’s the great equalizer—no glamour required. Yusho is about the simple flavors of authentic street food. A hot grill provides intense flavors from seasonal proteins and vegetables, grilled to order over a chattering, hissing fire. Beer, wine and sake selections complement the fresh-grilled flavors. Craft cocktails, wine and spirits are chosen for customized meal pairings. Experiment and discover!

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Omakase, which means “to entrust”, was what awaited for us this night. Brian Lhee, the chef of Yusho, brought out each dish personally to the table, with intensive description of the dishes. I was taking notes so fast, at times I couldn’t keep up! So without further ado, here is what we enjoyed at Yusho, one of the best meals we had in Vegas.

Tasting of draught cocktails and sake: we loved having a chance to taste their signature cocktails in small sips. I’m not a big drinker, but this was the perfect way to explore their cocktail menu. The husbands favorite was their gin & tonic, made with Navy Strength Gin and house made tonic water. Personally, I loved the Paloma which was grapefruit juice, blanco tequila, and mineral water.

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Raw Shigoku Oyster, Ponzu, and Fried Shallots: these are now my favorite type of oyster! Sweet and supple, paired perfectly with bright ponzu and aromatic shallots, it was the ideal way to start our meal.

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Hirame, Soy Reduction Yuzu, Crispy Bacon, and Pickled Radish: hirame, a type of fluke, is carefully sliced and served simply with delicious accompaniments. This fish was so fresh and light!

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

“House Salad”: composed of fresh frisse, candied ginger vinegar, carrot yuzu, candied pistachios, stone fruit, and radish, this was a delightful salad and husbands favorite cold bite!

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Salmon Belly: cooked over Japanese charcoal, which is white oak buried in the sand and cooked in Binchotan way, the salmon holds it’s delicious fattiness and luxurious flavor!

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

A tasting of grilled meats: deboned chicken wings with bonito salt; duck wrapped in enoki mushrooms and bacon; lamb with cucumber coconut sauce. Amazing amazing tasting of great meats – such great and unusual variety of flavors!

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas! Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas! Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Logan Poser Ramen: this is one of Yusho’s most popular dishes and one of the best ramen dishes I’ve ever had! The broth is a mixture of pork, bacon, and chicken broth, which makes it thick and luscious. They then make a braised pork shoulder croquette that’s served on the ramen with a slathering of mustard, sprinkling of bonito flakes, and nori. Hands down, delicious.

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Hamachi Kama: yellowtail collar, also known as the best part of the fish! Grilled and served with a Thai peanut sauce and a side of herb and coconut slaw. I’d fly back to Vegas just for this dish!

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Yusho Desserts: Ok, maybe the desserts were my favorite part of the meal, I can’t decide! We tasted (from top to bottom below): thai curry (galangal, kafir, lime, turmeric) ice cream with compressed melon; passion fruit curd kochi, pine sea salt; coconut ice cream with rice krispie chocolates; and tofu doughnuts with rosemary sugar and sweet potato powder.

Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas! Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas! Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas! Dine at Yusho at the Monte Carlo in Vegas!

Friends, if you have a chance to dine at Yusho, do not debate and go for it! It’s a meal unlike you’ll ever experience, with unique flavors and amazing execution by the culinary and front of the house team.

Disclaimer: We were guests of Yusho, but as always opinions are 100% my own. 

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  1. Hi Marnely! These wonderful pictures remind me of why I love Japanese cuisine so much! Yusho is surely on my Vegas food itinerary.

  2. That oyster looks heavenly. I was only in Japan for 4 days 8 years ago…I REALLY need to go back…or I could just head to Vegas!

  3. I also tried Yusho the last time I was in Vegas and really enjoyed it. There is so much to choose from, so I just let my waiter select a bunch of dishes. I love that everything is a small portion so you can try a bunch of different things without being stuffed. And if you don’t like something, then you don’t feel like you have to finish it.

  4. Japanese is definitely one of my standard go-to meals when visiting Vegas because so many places do it so well, it is usually a guaranteed good meal! I have not been to Yusho’s yet, so I am adding it to the list for my next trip!

  5. Oh my gosh! Looks so delicious! The photos are absolutely gorgeous. Everything looks incredible!

  6. I live only about a 5 hour drive from Vegas, so before we had kids, my husband and I loved to go down just for the food. I think we need to take a weekend and go down and visit Yusho – this looks amazing!!