If you’re looking for comforting Italian food in Boston, look no further then Barbara Lynch’s Sportello.  

Sportello Boston 01

Last month, my best friend and I met up in Boston for some wedding dress shopping – she’s getting married next year and I’m so so honored to be her maid of honor! One of the nights I was there, we decided to have dinner at Sportello Boston; we were craving comforting Italian food, something that would stick to our bones kind of meal. Sportello is a casual dining spot, with great lighting and huge windows. Everything is sleek and modern, with the hot line an open kitchen you can sit across at the bar-like tables.

Our meal started out with whipped ricotta cheese, pickled/candied rhubarb, and olive oil alongside the softest bread ever. The perfect start to a meal.

Sportello Boston 05

The Spicy Tomato Soup with Caraway Crostini was one of the first courses we shared – it was pleasantly spicy, actually spicier than we expected, but so delicious. With a great consistency and paired with the crispiest crostini ever, it was one of our favorite bites. The caraway in the crostini added depth to the tomato-y soup.

Sportello Boston 04

This above was the Burrata with Rapini, Prosciutto, and Balsamic. Whenever I see burrata on the menu, I always order it. It’s so luscious, creamy, and basically the most decadent and indulgent cheese I’ve ever eaten. Although I loved the burrata and most of these components, the rapini was extremely bitter (I can do some bitter, but not much) and the grilled bread underneath it all was burnt/grilled to a crisp. So much that I could take a bite out of it without hurting myself. Other than that, it was a good dish, but maybe not one I’d order again.

Sportello Boston 02

The Potato Gnocchi with Mushroom Ragu, Peas, and Cream was surreal. My friend ordered this and I basically ate half her dish, it was that good. Incredibly creamy, with a hint of truffle oil, the mushrooms were cooked perfectly, and the peas were freshly shucked, giving a great texture to the otherwise soft dish. The gnocchi were like clouds, delicious puffy clouds. If you visit Sportello, this is a must. Well…until you see the next dish.

Sportello Boston 03

The Tagliatelle with Bolognese Sauce and Parmesan is the top dish of this menu. An Italian classic, the fresh pasta shines in this dish. Perfectly cooked to al dente of course, it’s drenched in a meaty sauce that’s balanced well with great tomato flavor. A mountain of freshly shaved parmesan sits atop of the pasta, reigning supreme as the perfect garnish. A touch of fried basil adds crunch and looks great! If you’re visiting Boston and it’s a rainy day, make your way to Sportello and treat yourself to delicious carbs!

Sportello Boston

348 Congress Street
Boston, Massachusetts

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  1. How have I lived in Boston forever and NEVER been here? I’ve heard only amazing things and I think your photos have convinced me 🙂