August was by far the busiest, craziest month for us on Martha’s Vineyard. While everyone is vacationing and relaxing on the beach, we were working more than normal hours at the restaurant. It’s a tough life, but someone has to do it! So without further ado, here are my top picks for the month of September, since I didn’t have a chance to post any August ones. Note that August/September are also the months when we  have more after-shift drinks than any other month – we deserve them after 14 hour days!  



Chloe Wine Collection

Georgetta is especially passionate about creating wines that enable sophisticated consumers to create timeless memories during special occasions and capture beautiful moments in the every day.” It was fantastic to discover these wines, because just like the winemaker strives to make this wine, I think it lends itself ver well not only for special occasions, but for an after work glass. The Pinot Grigio was my favorite! 

New This Month August 01

Sweet Chili Chickpea Chips by Maya Kaimal

A current favorite at our home, these chickpea chips are gluten free, vegan, no GMOS, and are just plain delicious! Chickpeas are combined with rice and sesame seeds, much like the South Indian snack murukku. If you’re looking for a new chip to snack on, this is it! 

New This Month August 02

Sorel by Jack From Brooklyn

The brightness of Brazilian clove. The warmth of Indonesian cassia. The heat of Nigerian ginger. The woody bottom of Indonesian nutmeg. The full, aromatic body of Moroccan hibiscus. Pure cane sugar.  The finest organic grain alcohol.”  If I know something, I know this Sorel drink will become the drink of the season. I tasted it this summer and instantly thought – a total fall season drink. The warmth it brings, the spices – it’s perfect for mulled cocktails, for a nightcap on chilly fall and winter nights. Watch this product, it’s going places. 

New This Month August 03

Otima 10 by Warre’s

Otima 10 is matured for ten years in seasoned oak casks, long enough to develop a beautifully rounded, smooth texture with pleasing notes of honey, nuts and dried fruits, whilst still preserving youthful freshness in its rich fruit flavors.” This is what I am sipping on as of late, after working 14 hours at the restaurant. It’s fruity but still has a kick to it, and lulls me to sleep after four-five sips. Yes, I’m a lightweight! 

New This Month August 04

Pumpkin Spice Bread Mix by Cherryvale Farms

This mixes are great to have on hand for when you have unexpected guests coming. It takes literally five minutes to mix and throw in the oven, and your home will smell amazing once your guests arrive. I love that it’s made with organic flour and sugar, and it doesn’t contain crappy ingredients.

New This Month August 05

Peach Lemonade by True Lemon

“…capture lemon’s fresh-squeezed essence by cold-pressing and crystallizing the essential lemon oils & juices. Then add the perfect balance of flavor from the ripest peaches and Stevia’s natural sweetness for a natural taste.” I’m fond of starting my mornings with lemon or lime water, but sometimes, fresh lemons or limes aren’t always in my fridge. This is the second best option and this peach lemonade flavor is divine – tastes like pure ripe peach with a hint of citrus flavor from the lemons. 

New This Month August 06
Cheezy Crisps by Crunchmaster

These are ridiculously cheesy and oh so good, I ate them by the handful! Gluten free and 100% whole grain, they’re awesome to feed kids, but I don’t think I’d share these even if I had kids! There is no sacrifice of flavor in these, since they taste so good, minus the gluten and contains half the fat then the regular ones.

New This Month August 09

TGlacé by Palais des Thes

These extra-large tea bags are the perfect bags to brew a liter of tea at a time! Perfect for picnics and get togethers, these are flavorful and gorgeously combines tea flavors unlike any other company. We like to brew a liter a day of this and drink this instead of water when we are home. Packe dwith antioxidants, it’s a healthy choice over carbonated drinks like soda and artificial juices.

New This Month August 010

Disclaimer for New This Month: Most of these products were purchased, given to me as a gift from a  friend, or sent as samples in the mail.  I was under no obligation to review them but as you can see, I fell in love with them! Products in ‘New This Month’ are 110% personally recommended. If you have any questions or make a similar awesome product, email me at marnely at gmail dot com! 

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