Ever wondered how to make your food last longer? Alongside our friends at OXO, today we’re sharing tips, tricks, and ideas on freezer storage and how to make the most of it! Perfect for preserving spring produce, making meals quick & easy, and even saving you tons of money!

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When you say the words “freezer meals” you instantly think of preservative-filled, processed meals. But it doesn’t have to be like that! You can make some gorgeous meals and prepare ingredients, freeze them, and have them ready to go for when you need dinner on the table quickly.

Using the OXO LockTop Containers while I was visiting my best friend who had just had a baby, I prepped a few things for her to have in the freezer for when she needed a quick meal, a snack for her adorable toddler, and some specifically for her hubby. They’re a family that focuses on fitness, so first of all we froze tons of fresh fruit in single layers on trays and then placed them in the largest LockTop container. Super easy to grab a couple fruit pieces for a smoothie and even better for when toddler Estelle is teething!

Below you’ll see how I use the containers myself, but other great recipes that would freeze well include my Cilantro Lime Quinoa and Turkey Quinoa Meatballs. And since we’re all about spring cleaning lately, don’t miss my post on how to organize your pantry using OXO POP containers!

Freezer OXO

And here to help you with all your freezing and reheating, are the OXO LockTop Containers!

  • Easy to close: Simply press outer tops to easily and securely lock lids
  • Leakproof: Multiple inner locking tabs create airtight, watertight seals
  • Durable: Tritan material resists warping, staining and odors
  • Crystal clear bodies and transparent lids make it easy to view contents
  • Modular stacking for refrigerator and freezer organization
  • Container bodies nest inside each other for compact storage
  • Each lid fits multiple bodies
  • BPA Free
  • Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe

Freezer Storage Tips From Your Favorite Food Bloggers

“If you have a favorite marinade or sauce that you use again and again, save time by making a big batch and adding a few tablespoons of vodka or other spirit that goes with the flavor to it. The alcohol will keep it slushy in the freezer, so you can easy scoop out small portions as you need them without thawing the full amount.”

– Alejandra of Always Order Dessert

“Double bag everything for extra protection from tearing and freezer burn and be sure to label everything well with the date. So you don’t end up with mystery meat!”

-Milisa of Miss in the Kitchen 

“When buying seasonal fruits and vegetables at peak harvest times, you can prolong shelf life in the freezer by packaging them in an airtight container or bag with as little moisture as possible. Some fruits and veggies fare better if you roast or cook them in some way before freezing, so do your research in advance and think about how you might use the produce to determine the best way to freeze it.”

– Maura of The Other Side of The Tortilla

“I like keeping a gallon-sized freezer bag or container full of all my compostable kitchen scraps (fennel fronds, herb stems, carrot peelings) from my prep work. I’ll add to it over the course of a few weeks and then make a huge vegetable stock.”

– Phoebe of Feed Me Phoebe

“When I make meals ahead to freeze I make sure to do 2 things: I leave room in the top of my container in case it swells when frozen, to make sure the lid remains secure. Also, right before I place on my lid or top I place a layer of plastic wrap directly on the surface of the food to protect from freezer burn.”

– Heather Tallman of BasilMomma 

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Disclaimer: OXO provided me with a set of LockTop containers, free of charge to review. US mailing addresses only for the giveaway!

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  1. We make sure that we rotate everything as we go shopping!

  2. zhanasweeps@gmail.com says:

    Remember to place labels with dates on everything and rotate your fresh foods out.

  3. Meghan Finley says:

    I’m a big labeler and leave room on top

  4. I like to freeze cupcakes so I don’t have to keep baking a whole batch, we can get a sweet treat anytime. :))

  5. We make sure to write the dates on the packages