Today I’m bringing you a recipe, but not a food one! A recipe for nurturing your winter skin, a recipe for saying goodbye to itchy legs, a recipe that will make your body hungry for more! Introducing Organic Bath Co., my current favorite line of body butter and scrubs. 

Organic Bath

Honestly, the amount of lotion, body butter, and oils I go through in the winter is insane. Bottles upon bottles of the stuff, because my poor Caribbean skin cannot take the lack of humidity and the cool air that New England brings from October to April! Happily, I’ve connected with Organic Bath Co., a local company in Boston that makes one of my favorite body butters. And don’t take this comment lightly – I’m a body butter expert. I’ve tried them all in search of one that isn’t sticky and yucky. One that actually my skin can absorb and one that’s not packed with chemicals.

Drenched by Organic Bath is just that and so much more: it’s smooth, melts into your skin, is fragrance free, and organic to top it off! The ingredient list is one you can feel comfortable with: shea butter, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, and sweet almond oil. Doesn’t it sound delicious!? It’s perfect right after you shower to keep the moisture on your skin, but also fantastic right before you go to bed! The thick and luscious body butter melts into a smooth oil, making it easy to slather yourself up with.

Organic Drenched

Another favorite is their Zesty Morning Organic Body Scrub, “a super-secret blend of incredibly moisturizing almond, apricot, sunflower and citrus oils” that will seriously wake you up! If I’m home during the day, I’ll do a mid-afternoon scrub/shower that perks me up and helps me power through the day. I dare say it’s better than coffee, but they’ve also got a Java Jolt Sugar & Coffee Scrub for us coffee lovers.

Zesty Morning

“All of our products are 100% organic.  The making of the lotions and scrubs has been quite eye opening! In the past I have used a lot of products that I thought were natural…and have since flipped them over, read the ingredients and found out that they are not natural/organic at all!” -Gianne, co-founder of Organic Bath Co.

How Gianne Feels About Giving Back

For each product purchased, Organic Bath donates a percentage to the Global Soap Project, as well as 1% For The Planet. With a former Peace Corps Volunteer for a father and a mother who is always doing what she can for her community in Belize, giving back has never been an option for me.  I was taught that if you are in a position to do so, you do it.  So that is the main thing I am proud of.

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Disclaimer: Organic Bath Co. sent me free products to sample three months ago. I’ve tested them out for the past months and can wholeheartedly recommend them and know you will love them as much as I do! 

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  1. The citrus scrub looks like a winner winner to me, Nelly!

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    I NEED to try that body butter!

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