As every month, today I’m sharing some new products that have impressed me in the kitchen, that have saved me time in the kitchen, and that have created in me a fan for life! Thanks for check them out and supporting the brands that make this possible!  Welcome to this month’s New This Month. 

Crunchy Chickpeas by Saffron Road

By far the most addictive, salty snack, these Crunchy Chickpeas by Saffron Road are packed with bold spices! Our current favorites are the Bombay Spice (pictured here) and the Korean BBQ (not pictured here because we ate them so quickly!). We’re also extremely excited about the new Korean frozen entrees, which we will be sharing in a future post!


Green Tea Mints by Sencha Naturals

After my latest dentist appointment, I’m supposed to stay away from chewing gum. So when these tiny mints by Sencha Naturals landed in our mailbox, I was ecstatic! Fresh cut peppermint flavor, natural green tea extract, and energizing spearmint make up these mints! “Just 3 SEN CHA Green Tea Mints contain the antioxidant equivalent of about one cup of green tea, with low caffeine”. These are perfect to throw in your purse or have in your car!


 Organic Birch Tree Juice by Sealand Birk

Water that comes from the inside of trees that filter said water? That’s what Sealand Birk has bottled up and oh dear, it’s amazing! Not only amazing, it’s incredibly refreshing, slightly sweet, with a thin syrupy/watery feel that I’m dreaming up spring beverages with! Read below on how they do it:

“Sealand birch tree juice collection is done by tying a bottle to the tree, drilling a hole into its trunk and leading the juice to the bottle by a plastic tube. A small birch (trunk diameter about 15 cm) can produce up to 5 liters of juice per day, a larger tree (diameter 30 cm) up to 15 liters per day. The collection of the birchtree juice is done in strictly controlled forest environments in order to avoid damage to the trees.”


Minute Muffins by Kodiak Cakes

Minute Muffins are an all-natural muffin mix served in a convenient, microwavable cup. And they’ve been a lifesaver when I’ve got to rush out of the house and still want a warm breakfast. I’ve topped them with fresh berries, a dollop of greek yogurt, and a drizzle of local honey and I’ve got to say they are just amazing!


Wild Hibiscus Flower Pyramid Salt Flakes by Wild Hibiscus Company

I’ve spoken about Wild Hibiscus Company in over accounts, basically because I love their products so much. Their latest is this specialty salt, which I’ve already used to season pork and shrimp – great salt flavor with a slight floral undertone! I can imagine this could be used to rim glasses for margaritas, sprinkled over brownies, used to make a hibiscus salted caramel, or even as an addition to chocolate chip cookies!


Espresso Pods by Hiline Coffee Company

As an owner of a Nespresso maker, the pods start getting a little pricy with my love for three shots a day. This is where Hiline Coffee Company comes in – a more affordable line of coffee pods. The variety is far and wide, with lighter roasts to darker espresso roasts, both in caffeinated and decaffeinated. Locally owned small business in New York, they’re a good alternative to Nespresso pods if you want to save some money. Personally, I certainly have enjoyed them but find their roasts to not be as strong as the Nespresso I’m used to.  Which is positive since sometimes I don’t want thick, rich espresso but craving a lighter brew.


Disclaimer for New This Month: Most of these products were purchased, given to me as a gift from a  friend, or sent as samples in the mail.  I was under no obligation to review them but as you can see, I fell in love with them! Products in ‘New This Month’ are 110% personally recommended. If you have any questions or make a similar awesome product, email me at marnely at gmail dot com! 

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