New year, new trends. Well, maybe not so new because we’ve seen subscription boxes slowly but surely increasing in all areas. Whether it’s Stitch Fix or The Besh Box, these subscription services have become part of our daily lives. Seriously, why would you even want to live without your BirchBox?!


Treat yourself this season to a box from Eat Boutique and you will not regret it! The great thing about this company, established by my friend Maggie in Boston, is that there are a variety of boxes to choose from. Eat Boutique is kind of like your CSA, but instead of getting fresh produce, you’ll receive curated, small-batch food by boutique businesses, makers, and indie-style shops. P.S. It’s my birthday month and I’m eyeing the New England Gift Box if anyone was thinking of treating me to something, wink. 

If you’ve set a goal to go vegan in 2014, Vegan Cuts is the snack box for you. Specially if you’re brand new to the vegan lifestyle, this box helps you discover what brands are completely vegan. Starting out a new lifestyle is always tough and the snack area is one of the toughest to learn. Each box includes 7-10 vegan products, ranging from sweet treats to savory snacks. Typically over 80% of the products included are gluten free.

Come 2pm, after I’ve had lunch and am settled in for a few more hours of writing, the sweet craving hits like a ton of bricks and there is no turning back. Orange Glad cures the cravings. Open the box, brew a cup of coffee, and settle in for a few minutes of literally treating yourself!

If you have someone in your life that has gone gluten free in 2014 or is a celiac, send them a Taste Guru box and let them bask in the happiness that is gluten-free, delicious snacks! The December box was packed with not only savory snacks, but a pancake mix and some fruit bars that we really loved.

We loved this tiny but filling box, called Graze. I’m the kind that can eat an entire box of Oreos in on sitting, so this is where Graze comes in. The box has four perfectly portioned snacks that will not tempt you to eating any more than the portion. The combinations are endless and I love that they source their ingredients from small suppliers. Hands downy favorite has been their Cherries & Berries, a mix of cranberries, jumbo raisins, cherries, and lingonberries.

This subscription box will earn you the wife (or husband) of the month club. The Pig of the Month has a plethora of boxes, everything from ribs to pulled pork, and more. Our sampler box was packed with ribs (some of the BEST ribs we’ve ever had), pulled pork (AH-mazing flavor), sausages, and bacon. So next time you need a gift for the men in your life (or the women that love their meat), just treat them to a box from this company. What do you think they’d like best: a $54 dress shirt or a $49 charcuterie selection? Yeah, I thought so.

Got a sweet tooth? Treatsie is a marvelous little box packed with artisan sweets that you’re unlikely to find anywhere, unless you run into the artisan shop itself. They focus on quality over quantity and you won’t get a ton of random, silly samples in their box. What you’ll find is awesomely sourced sweet treats from chefs and makers all around the country.

Boxes we haven’t tested but are on our list:

  • The Besh Box: After our trip to New Orleans, a foodie box curated by Chef John Besh sounds amazing!
  • For The Makers: one of my goals this year is to be craftier, just nothing with glitter please.
  • Georgia Crafted: Georgia is on our travel list this year, so this box would prep us for it!

Disclaimer: Over the past couple of months we’ve received review boxes  free of charge from top subscription box companies. These were the ones that made the cut. Opinions are 100% our own. 

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  1. Oh wow, I’d love to be on the receiving end of all of these boxes! So awesome