After my latest post on taking a deep breath, I thought I wouldn’t write for a few weeks. But then I remembered all the fantastic goodies I brought home from my travels to Seattle for the International Food Blogger Conference and felt it necessary I shared some of my favorites with you!

Storyville Coffee

While in Seattle, my friend Heather of Farmgirl Gourmet received some blogger info: head to Storyville and have some of their amazing coffee! Thanks to the source (Sandy of Reluctant Entertainer), we headed towards Pike Place Market to find Storyville. It took us about 25 minutes to find it (we went up and down the same set of stairs three times!) but oh man was it worth it. Storyville officially opened on October 1st, but were doing a “soft opening” during September, inviting guests to free coffee and pastries. We sat and enjoyed espressos while noshing on a sea salt sticky bun (Heather) and a strawberry, goat cheese, black pepper puff (myself).

Funny thing about Storyville’s coffee is that it’s not from a specific source/country/origin/bean. Instead of focusing on that, they focus on hitting a few specific flavor notes within the blend and roast that. I asked what the blend was…but they wouldn’t share! A bag of their Prologue series, a full bodied roast came home with me and it’s what I’m brewing this week. You can also get their Epilogue series, a decaf version of the prior.


Nature’s Path Organic Superfood Breakfast Cereal

When I find something that’s healthy AND tastes good, I’ll scream it from the rooftops. This mix of hemp, chia, and buckwheat – when added to my smoothies, keeps me full until lunch time. Which is essential when working in a kitchen where all you want to do is constantly snack on non-healthy items. It’s supposed to be great in soups and over yogurt as well – can’t wait to try!


Truffle Cherries by Chukar Cherries

Walking through Pike Place Market is totally overwhelming in the best kind of way! One of my discoveries where these Milk Chocolate Truffle Cherries. Bing cherries are dried and then rolled in milk chocolate and tossed around in cocoa powder – what else can you ask for!? Just be careful…they’re really addictive and you can eat a whole bag in one sitting. Not like I did that or anything…


Manuka Doctor Honey

Honey, it’s one of my favorite food items to pick up when visiting a new city. But this isn’t a honey from Seattle, it’s actually all the way from New Zealand and showcased during the IFBC conference – Manuka Doctor Honey. Bees that make this honey only visit Manuka trees, making this honey full of amazing health benefits; “Independent laboratory tested Bio Active rating that relates to the total activity comprised predominately of peroxide activity; Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidant qualities; natural energy source.” We’re loving it just spreading it on warm toast or by the spoonful.


Attune Foods Erewhon Supergrains – Quinoa & Chia

If you’re looking for a gluten-free, not so sweet but still delicious breakfast cereal, look no further! I’m loving this Quinoa & Chia one because it’s so crunchy (on a side note, I don’t eat cereal with milk; I only eat it by the handful as a snack!). Organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO project verified, it’s all you ever wanted and more! Be sure to check it out, buy a box, and oh – enter this awesome Attune Foods Whole Grain Baking Recipe Contest.


San Juan Island Sea Salt

As an avid finishing salt collector, I’m excited to try this San Juan Island Sea Salt. I love the low impact way that the product is made, just using sea water and the powerful, natural sunlight. I have yet to try this is my cooking, but I wanted to share this local Washington product with y’all!


Scharffen Berger Bean to Bar – San Juan de Cheni

The words “bean to bar” are a few of my favorite words when put next to one another. This new bar from Scharffen Berger was one of the best discoveries at IFBC. “The limited-edition San Juan de Cheni is a 78% cacao dark chocolate bar made from cacao grown in the remote village of San Juan de Cheni in Peru.” It’s fruity, with hints of banana which I love in chocolate! A perfect snacking bar, its interesting and unique tasting notes take you onto a world of discovering the tiny subtleties in a 3 ounce bar of chocolate.


Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranate

One last chocolate item and I seem to be the last one to get on this Brookside train! They’re tiny morsels of chocolate with a chewy, fruity center. A fruit center made up of a good-for-you fruit, like in this case Pomegranate. I love the idea of using them in a cheese or vegetable platter, bringing in some sweetness to balance the generally salty platters of cheese and cured meats. Oh or how great would these be at a wine pairing!? So many ideas, such tiny, delicious treats!



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Disclaimer for New This Month: Most of these products were purchased or given as samples during IFBC. I was under no obligation to review them but as you can see, I fell in love with them! Products in ‘New This Month’ are 110% personally recommended. If you have any questions or make a similar awesome product, email me at marnely at gmail dot com! 

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