It’s the end of summer here in New England, which means everyone is out picking fresh blueberries in the fields. But for my friends everywhere else who might not be as lucky to end them, it’s also Wild Blueberry harvest time, which means that most of the crop will go from fresh to frozen in under 24 hours – so that we can all enjoy them for the rest of the year!


Not only can you have Wild Blueberries year-round, but there’s a huge difference between them and the larger cultivated berries: they taste so much better, have twice the antioxidants, and 50% more fiber! All this and more give you what you need to combat disease and promote healthy aging.

Click here to head over to the Wild Blueberry Association Health Blog and read more about Wild Blueberries and get the recipe for this Balsamic Wild Blueberry Millet and Corn Summer Salad! 

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  1. Hello Marnley! I just found your beautiful blog via Erin @ The Law Student’s Wife, and I am so glad that I did! You have such beautiful recipes and photographs. I feel inspired already!
    This blueberry recipe looks gorgeous… definitely giving it a go (though it’s winter here at the moment so there are no fresh blueberries available… I’ll need to go with frozen). Looking forward to exploring the rest of your archives xx

  2. When I was in Michigan I finally went blueberry picking! I brought some home with me, and still enjoying some. This would be a perfect light, and refreshing salad! Gorgeous, Hugs, Terra