It’s the last week of August and inevitably, the REAL end of summer. Sure, the calendar says the end of summer is September 21st, but who are we kidding?! So in celebration of what was an epic and crazy summer, we’re sharing our favorite eats! M and I only had Monday night’s off together, so it was a set date night – at times just the two of us and other times with a group from work. We made sure to choose different restaurants each week, so you’ll see a good array of restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard. Cheers to another great summer and to an upcoming even better fall season! 

Peach and Taleggio Salad at Sweet Life Cafe in Oak Bluffs  (also available at Detente in Edgartown)

I don’t ever order salads but make the exception once or twice a year for Detente’s Tree-Ripened Peach, Taleggio Cheese, and White Truffle dressed Arugula Salad. The warm cheese, melted over the sweet peaches is to die for; topped with a handful of crisp arugula dressed in a white truffle dressing takes it over the top.


Roast Chicken dish at Detente in Edgartown

If you want to see how good a restaurant is, try their chicken dish. You might say, “chicken, bla!” but it’s tough to make a perfectly juicy piece of chicken. Thus, I tend to order chicken on numerous accounts. This chicken dish at Detente blew me over by having the thigh deboned and rolled in prosciutto before deep-frying. The breast was perfectly cooked and the usual mashed potatoes were encased in a spring roll wrapper. Drizzled with some whole grain mustard and served with grilled scallions and green chickpeas, it’s a chicken dish worth trying once!


Crab Cake Sandwich at The Right Fork Diner in Katama

Such a great spot to grab lunch, located in the Katama Airfield, I visited Right Fork Diner on a sunny day in June and ordered their Crab Crab Cake Sandwich. It’s New England, so I expect a crab cake with just that – real crab! And oh boy, does this deliver! Fresh lump crab served on a bun with a lemon garlic aioli; it just hits the spot!


Pizza at The Orange Peel Bakery in Aquinnah

Worth the drive up-island? YOU BET! Julie, owner and baker at the bakery, takes your call about 30 minutes before you arrive to make sure she’s got what you want. You drive up and as you get out of the car, she’s prepping the pizza doughs. You’ll have to wait a few more minutes, but it’s the best part: to get to see how she magically works the dough, sprinkles the cheese and sauce, plus any toppings you’d like. Cooked in a stone pizza oven that she built herself, it’s some of the best pizza on island.


Mostly everything at Atria in Edgartown

As you can see below, we’re big fans of Atria. Chef Christian Thornton and his team create a menu that is approachable but oh so delicious. A classic favorite of ours is the Wok Fired Crispy Calamari with Sambal Aioli with watercress, fragrant herbs, and preserved lemon. Crispy and tender, it’s the perfect dish to celebrate summer with!


Pan Roasted Halibut at Chesca’s in Edgartown

Served in a light garlic fish broth with white beans, spinach and roma tomatoes, this is a dish for fish lovers! Fresh halibut paired so well with the garlic broth; a dish that will satisfy your hunger but won’t stuff you to the gills! Save room for dessert!


4th of July Picnic on Fuller Beach

After working lunch service, we all headed to the beach to watch the fireworks! I packed a layered guacamole, sour cream, and bean dip; mustard egg salad; chunks of cheese; Cape Cod chips; pita slices; Bailey’s brownies; honey Italian sausage; and crackers! We swung by the Harborview Hotel and bought some corn on the cob dipped in Cajun butter! All in all, a perfect day!


Lobster Pot Pie at Lure Restaurant at the Winnetu Resort in Edgartown

I still have dreams about this Lobster Pot Pie! New England Lobster and vegetables in a lobster cream with a delicate pastry lid. Seriously, as I type this, my mouth waters. The pastry lid is so delicate and unlike any other heavy crust in a typically pot pie. The lobster meat, vegetables, and cream are perfectly seasoned. Order this if you’re ever at the Lure. Order it again for dessert, it’s that good.


Happy Hour at the Haborview Hotel – Lobster Knuckles! 

I enjoyed these with Erin of Law Student’s Wife and her husband (the law student). In our minds,we thought “Oh, $8 for a large bowl of lobster knuckles, bring them on!” thinking they would be de-shelled. Joke was on us when we were presented with this gorgeous bowl; we had to work for that sweet lobster meat and oh was it so worth it and so much fun!


Grey Barn Pork Belly Sandwich at 7aFoods in West Tisbury

Packed with slices of local pork belly from Grey Barn Farm, fresh and crisp radishes, cilantro, and kimchi, this sandwich was a home run for me. The bread with just enough bite and it just made my mouth sing. This is a seasonal/on occasion only sandwich, so if it’s on the menu when you visit, grab one!


Gnocchi for Adelaide at Red Cat Kitchen at Ken n’ Beck in Oak Bluffs

We had heard many a good thing about this restaurant and it’s menu, so date night came around and we headed here. Our reservation got us a seat at a two-top on the indoor porch, with a sunny window shining down on us. Of course, we had to try the gnocchi (M loves it!) and this was the daily special. Sweet lobster meat in a light broth with the fluffiest gnocchi we’ve ever tried; swirled in the bowl were freshly shucked peas (you can taste the difference and can see the effort put into such a small dish) and house-made ricotta if I am not mistaken. A gorgeous small plate to start date night on the right foot!


Lobster Arugula Salad at The Atlantic in Edgartown

Really, I never order salads but my housemate made me order this and split it with her. But I’m SO glad she did, since it’s another salad favorite! This Lobster Salad is packed with baby arugula, baby spinach, dried cranberries, walnuts, all tossed in a strawberry vinaigrette and it’s DIVINE. The ratio lobster to greens is 1:1, so if you’re a lobster lover, it’s a must have. The combination of sweet cranberries, nutty walnuts, and local lobster meat  is a winning combination!


Lumachine at Water Street Restaurant, Edgartown

The tiniest of pasta shapes, Lumachine, is delicately dressed with a cognac infused cream and served with a slice of seared foie gras. Decadent but yet light, this pasta dish is great as a starting point in your meal. The Harbor View is one of my ultimate favorite spots on island and I had SO many amazing meals this summer there (I kind of want to move in!); oh and save room for dessert.


Shellfish and Saffron Pasta at The Home Port Restaurant in Menemsha

A combination of clams, mussels, scallops and shrimp, this is a bowl of New England comfort with an Italian/Spanish twist. Plus, served with the backdrop of a Menemsha sunset, it adds to how delicious the food at the Home Port is. Eating this was like uncovering a treasure – each bite a different shellfish and all so perfectly cooked.


Tomato and Burrata Salad at The Sweet Life Cafe in Oak Bluffs

Again, another salad. You must be thinking I love salads, but I really don’t….well okay, I really love the good ones like this salad that M ordered last week. Some of the freshest tomatoes I’ve had this summer, silky burrata, and sumac powder – a spiced combination that really makes the fresh tomato flavor pop!


ALL the desserts at The Harbor View

A sweet ending to this end of summer post are these desserts from the Harbor View – my all time favorite spot for dessert on island. Honestly, I’ve walked over there to JUST have dessert and everything I’ve had (and I’ve had almost all their desserts) is amazing. My current favorite: the French macarons in raspberry, vanilla, passion fruit, chocolate, pistachio, and coconut. The perfect ending to a meal!


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  1. All of this looks incredible – I am a huge seafood fan, especially lobster, so I couldn’t help but scroll through all of this post and gawk over the goodness!

  2. Oh wow, I cannot scroll up and down the screen so many times. I am getting too hungry and I just had a huge breakfast.
    The array looks delicious.