How is it almost the end of July and I haven’t post the “New This Month” section!? Work at the restaurant has been crazier than usual; working doubles on a weekly basis and trying to keep up with the blog is like a circus balancing act, but I do it because I honestly love both jobs!  Enough excuses, let’s get to sharing some of my favorite items I’ve discovered this month!

Bestowed Box

Everyone loves getting fun goodies in the mail and Bestowed is just that. For $19/month, you get to discover healthy snacks. As simple as that, but it’s a fabulous way to get to know new companies without committing to a full-size of it. For example, I love seaweed but would have never bought the Roasted Seaweed Snacks by gimMe (with Cheddar Cheese) but now I’m ADDICTED. I sprinkled it on pasta and over rice, as well as snacked on it. Another favorite were the Herban Essentials Towelettes – a new to me item that now lives in my purse by the dozen!


Better Bean Company

Sure, you could make beans yourself in under two hours (from dry beans) or under 30 minutes (from canned beans) but why even bother when Better Bean Company makes CRAZY GOOD beans?! These beans are all natural and their ingredients are all locally sourced from Pacific Northwest farms, which makes the flavors pop. They’re also vegan, gluten-free and soy-free! My favorite kind? The Wholly Chipotle Bean Dip = jalapeño, lime, chipotle peppers, and tomatillo peppers!


Bhakti Chai

Chai is one of those flavors that you either love or hate. In my case, I adore it. The combination of fresh ginger and fiery spices make my mouth burst in joy and that just what Bhakti Chai brings to the table: fair trade and natural chai that will liven up your drinks! They never, ever use powdered ginger or any fake syrups. The use of fresh ginger really is noticeable and they even have a coffee blend, which is my favorite. Cold-pressed organic coffee is added to the ginger and spices to make this blend awesome over ice and coconut milk (my current favorite way to have it).


Quinn Popcorn

This popcorn will change the way you look at the classic move snack. Quinn Popcorn is unlike any other popcorn I’ve ever had because honestly, all the other popcorn has been loaded with crap! Chemicals and coatings in the bag and the ingredients weren’t at all that good for us. Quinn Popcorn reinvented popcorn by tackling the bag – removing the yucky chemical coatings and creating a greaseproof bag that JUST made of paper. Then, they reinvented the ingredients. No, they didn’t reinvent the corn kernel, but they did source their corn from non-GMO farms. The oils are expeller pressed, full of omega-3. The added spices like sea salt, Vermont Maple Syrup, California Olive Ranch Olive Oil, and smoked cheddar cheese are all organic. And their mission, to provide us with the best bag of microwave popcorn ever? They’ve accomplished it, at least in our household.


Tradewinds Tea

As you can see, I’m a tea fanatic and during the hot summer months, nothing like iced tea to beat the heat. These bottles from Tradewinds Tea have been the perfect beverage to drink at work – the hot kitchen makes me crave as much hydration as possible, but there’s only so much water my body can take. The Sweet Tea is the perfect touch of sweetness and is made with 100% high-quality black tea. Next up, can’t wait to try their green iced teas! Let me know in the comments if you’re a sweet or unsweetened tea kind of drinker!


Maille Dijonnaise

I’m addicted to mayonnaise. There, that’s my deep secret. I will honestly put mayo on everything and everything: a hot dog (the horror!), stir it into white rice (gasp!), and my ultimate guilty pleasure is a grilled cheese with just cheese and mayo on both the inside AND the outside (makes for a nice, crispy sandwich!) So when Maille sent me a few of their mustards to taste and the Dijonnaise was in the package, I screamed of joy. Dijonnaise is the perfect blend of whole grain mustard and creamy mayonnaise! It’s become our summer condiment of choice and our bottle is almost gone. The great thing about the Maille brand is that it’s available in a variety of retailers across the US: Fairway, The Food Emporium, Kings, Pathmark, Publix, Safeway, Shaw’s, Shoprite, Stop & Shop, Wegman’s, Whole Foods and many others. Grab a bottle and let me know your favorite!


Moravian Cookies by Salem Baking Company

When I fall in love with a product, I instantly want to hop on a plane and visit their factory/kitchen/restaurant/farm. So who wants to grab a flight to Winston-Salem, North Caroline with me?! We’ll eat cookies and drink coffee while eating more cookies! Seriously, Salem Baking Company does such a great job with these Moravian Cookies. You’ll ask – “but Nelly, aren’t you a professional chef? Can’t you just whip these up in an hour yourself?” Yes and No. Sure, I can bake cookies. But cookies as thin and crispy as these Moravian cookies?! Nope and I don’t even want to try. Even better, Salem Baking uses quality ingredients and no artificial nonsense. Our current favorites: Meyer Lemon, Key Lime, and Tangerine Orange. The bright citrus oils pair well with espresso and chocolate, as well as cheese platters.


Global Grub

I can honestly say I love kits like these from Global Grub. Why? First, they have every non-perishable I will need to create a delicious recipe. Secondly, I don’t have to go out and buy jars of spices I will rarely use and end up throwing out after 2 years. We tried the Jerk Chicken kit and it was so flavorful. With spice mixes for the chicken marinade and the rice, it was like being in the Caribbean! Looking forward to trying their Red Chili Tamales kit!


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Disclaimer for New This Month: Some products were sent as samples, other products I personally purchased. Anything on here, I recommend 110%. A combination of flavors, company ethics, and customer service are what get products on this list. If you make or represent an awesome product you think I’d be interested in, email me (marnely at gmail dot com).

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  1. Thanks for sharing such yummy discoveries (made me hungry)! We’re thrilled Global Grub was included and look forward to you trying the Tamale Kit next.