Eden Organic and 100% Whole Grain Pasta

A few months ago, we decided to slowly switch over our pasta consumption from the regular white wheat pastas to more whole grain and organic pastas; for health reasons and to switch up our everyday dinner menus. Discovering this line of organic and 100% whole grain pasta from Eden Foods was exciting! The pasta cooks up just like regular white wheat pasta (in a large  of salted boiling water), but you want to be sure you don’t over cook it. Leaving it al dente gives it the great bite and allows the sauce to be absorbed easily.

A potent combination of two ancient grains, Khorasan (kamut®) wheat and high altitude Andean Quinoa in fork friendly twist, aka ‘gemelli’. Uniquely satisfying, it’s our best selling most nourishing macaroni cut. Made at the Eden Organic Pasta Company on vintage Italian equipment with brass dies and slowly air dried. Rich in healthy fiber and magnesium. A good source of protein, iron, thiamin B1, niacin B3, and zinc. -Eden Foods

Kamut and Quinoa Pasta by Eden Foods

Little Soya Soy Sauce

This is one of the products that you’re dubious when trying and then … can’t live without. Little Soya is a gluten-free, no MSG, and 40% lower sodium kind of soy sauce that comes in adorable and recyclable fish-shaped packets. Now, why would you need tiny packets of soy sauce? Well, I’ve been throwing them in my purse for random meals out that need an extra boost of flavor. Sure, I’m not dosing soy sauce at fine dining restaurants, but for every day meals from burgers to pasta, it works perfectly!

Little Soya Soy Sauce packets

The Chia Co. Chia Seeds

Oh, I know. You don’t have to see it. I’m SO late on the chia trend, but hey – at least I go here finally! And I’ve discovered chia with some of the best chia around. The Chia Co. is located in the Kimberley region of Western Australia and specializes in the sustainable farming and development of chia products. As the world’s largest producer of natural, raw Chia seeds, they’re concerned about our environment and try to constantly contribute the the wellbeing of the global food community.

Some of my favorite ways to consume chia products? We love sprinkling the seeds over fresh fruit & honey, as well as our morning smoothies; the chia oil is great whisked into salad dressing; the ground chia seeds are supposed to be great for baking, but I have yet to try them. Also, their site has recipes on drinking, sprinkling, baking, mixing, and gelling with chia!

Chia Seeds by The Chia Company

Fruit Bliss Soft Dried Apricots

I’ve got to come clean – I’m a HUGE snacker. So when I realized I was snacking on just chocolate and chips, I needed to find a new approach to snacking. I’ve always been a fan of apricots – I used to work at a chocolate shop where we’d dip huge Turkish apricots into milk chocolate and I’d sneak a taste here and there, they were that good. They were so moist and flavorful, compliments that dried fruit rarely gets since it’s normally…dry. But not Fruit Bliss. They do the simplest thing: adding a splash of water to the otherwise dry, chewy, mealy fruit converting it to a moist “dried” fruit, the perfect snack I’ve found to date. It doesn’t hurt to dip them in chocolate once in a while too!

Dried Apricots by Fruit Bliss

Balsamina Cattani Balsamic Jelly

Unlike any jelly I’ve ever had, this Balsamic Jelly was sent to me by the mastermind behind Gourmet Delights online shop, Jeff. And I am so thankful to Jeff because this jelly is a jar I now want to always have in my fridge! It’s made by Acetaia Cattani, a family owned and operated balsamic producer with roots in Modena, Italy. So, you KNOW the jelly will be amazing! It’s silky, tart, and sweet, a perfect condiment for sandwiches but I’ve loved whisking it into salad dressings for a pop of flavor. Also, slathered on a pork tenderloin before roasting? Divine!

Balsamic Jelly by Gourmet Delights

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Disclaimer for New This Month: Some products were sent as samples, other products I personally purchase. Anything on here, I recommend 110%. A combination of flavors, company ethics, and customer service are what get products on this list. If you make or represent an awesome product you think I’d be interested in, email me (marnely at gmail dot com).

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  2. Dominican in the Pacific Northwest says:

    Hi Marnely!
    Right now there is a huge backlash against Eden Foods because of their stance against the ObamaCare birth control requirement. The company is suing the administration because of a clause in the Affordable Care Act requiring that the health insurance employers offer to employees includes contraceptive coverage.
    So, a lot of people -myself included- stopped buying their products until they drop their lawsuit.
    Love your blog!