Today I’m excited to introduce to you a project I’ve become a part of this year and look forward to sharing goodies and new ideas for a healthier life style with you all. It’s called The Clean Plate Club from Stonyfield. In a nutshell, we’re a group of bloggers that develop recipes using Stonyfield products in collaboration with other products in the market, such as Divine Chocolate USA, the partner in crime of this blog post.

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When I received the chocolates and yogurt, I promised myself I’d make something extremely healthy. I didn’t want tempting brownies, muffins, or flour-less chocolate tortes laying around the house, waiting for me to attack. But of course, I still wanted to make something decadent, rich, and at the same time, good for my health and my waistline.

Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse

And then, this Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse was born! A classic chocolate mousse is normally filled with egg yolks, refined sugars, heavy cream, and of course, chocolate. Well, I tweaked the recipe and made it healthier by:

  • using Stonyfield Greek Yogurt as the base for my mousse;
  • whisking in fair trade Divine Chocolate USA;
  • replacing refined sugars with one of the trendiest ingredients in the market, pomegranate molasses (which you can buy at Middle Eastern markets or use this Alton Brown recipe to make your own;
  • and adding good for you fats such as coconut oil.

Stonyfield and Divine Chocolate USA Mousse

You might be wondering – why is fair trade chocolate better? Simplest way to explain it is that the cacao farmers under the fair trade label are getting paid FAIR prices for their cacao harvest. Getting paid fairly allows cacao-farming families to afford education for their children, new equipment for the farms, and more. It’s the RIGHT thing to do and if you choose to do ONE thing this year, I recommend switching your chocolate consumption to a fair trade chocolate bar. You can read more about the farmers of Divine Chocolate USA on their website under “Meet the Farmers”.

Another thing I wanted to showcase was the fact that Stonyfield products are organic. It’s one of the buzzwords of the season and one you should take into consideration when purchasing food for your family, specially in dairy products. What does organic mean in yogurt? It means that the cows that produce the milk to create the yogurt aren’t pumped with antibiotics or hormones. Also, organic cow farmers are firm believers of treating their animals humanely. Heck, I don’t want that bad karma that comes from buying products from a farmer that’s mean to his/her animals, and you shouldn’t either! I’ve read through Stonyfield’s Why Organic section and feel proud to be part of the Clean Plate Club!

Chocolate Pom Yogurt Mousse

Meet the other bloggers in The Clean Plate Club, as well as check out our Pinterest Board for inspiration. Enter Divine Chocolate USA’s monthly drawing for a basket filled to the brim with fair trade chocolates!

More Clean Plate Club blogger recipes using Divine Chocolate USA:

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Chocolate Pomegranate Mousse

A healthier version of the classic chocolate mousse with a touch of tart pomegranate will make this your go to dessert when you need a quick chocolate fix!
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Prep Time:10 minutes
Total Time:10 minutes


  • 2.5 ounces Divine Milk Chocolate chopped
  • 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
  • 5 ounces Stonyfield Greek Yogurt
  • teaspoon vanilla bean powder
  • 1 tablespoon pomegranate molasses
  • 2 teaspoons Divine Chocolate Cocoa Powder


  • In a double boiler (small saucepan halfway filled with simmering hot water with a small bowl placed on top), stir together the milk chocolate and coconut oil until melted. Set aside to cool.
  • Whisk together greek yogurt, vanilla bean powder, pomegranate molasses, and cocoa powder until incorporated.
  • Drizzle in melted chocolate and quickly whisk together.
  • Serve in glass jars topped with shaved chocolate.
Servings: 2 servings

Disclosure: As part of The Clean Plate Club, I received products free of charge to facilitate this post. 

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