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If you think that an email can make your heart flutter, imagine the butterflies in your stomach when you get an actual card in the mail. And by mail, I don’t mean your Gmail inbox, but your postal mailing address. The one that either is delivered by that friendly USPS delivery person or the one that you pick up in town at your PO Box. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING (well, maybe except for bacon) makes people happier than getting random cards in the mail.

And that is my goal this year. To send random postcards and greeting cards to my friends and family – my blogger buddies, my Dominican family, my grandma. And that’s where MOO comes in, because it’s where I designed my very own postcards (see below).

The cold winter in New England, the warm Carribean sun back in Dominican Republic, and the ease of MOO‘s design platform inspired me to create a stack of moo postcards that scream summer but remind us with a quote from Steinbeck that, “what good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” Perfect for a quick note, a hello howdy, or even a quick reminder of what’s to come, these postcards are sturdy enough to survive anything that the USPS throws their way!

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Another product I decided I needed to accomplish my handwritten note goal of 2013 were these adorable moo greeting cards. Surely, I could have added my own designs, but I fell in love with this fun & quirky design by Silviastella, an Italian-based designer and illustrator. You can personalize the inside and the back of the cards, but I decided to leave them blank – more space to share news in the mail!

And today you have a chance to win a prize pack that includes 20 postcards and 25 greeting cards! This will help you get started connecting with friends and family via the mail! It’s as easy as writing a note, slapping a stamp on it (remember when you had to LICK stamps?!), and throw it in the mail. Be sure to visit MOO for business cards, minicards, stickers, labels, and more!

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  1. This is such a beautiful post! In our hyper-digital world, the art of the handwritten letter seems completely lost. Letter writing is such an intentional act–everything from sitting down without an electronic device at your fingertips to planning out what you want to say to being mindful of how legible your handwriting is. Writing emails always seems like something that needs to get done, rather than an act to get lost or relish in, as one might do with a handwritten letter. One of my dearest and oldest friends was my penpal from the time we were 6 and she moved away to CA from CT. We’ve kept in touch for 22 years since then! And receiving her Christmas card in the mail was such a wonderful treat this year that it’s made me realize just how special it is to have someone take the time to write a letter and mail it to you. You’ve inspired me to write some letters to dear friends this week, so for that, thank you! 🙂

  2. I have never ever stopped mailing hand written cards, notes and letters, both locally and overseas. It’s a sincere form of showing love and caring. Thanks for this inspiring post. And yes, I love those Moo cards, my biz cards & holiday cards were from them. I want to win this !!!!!

  3. I’m with you. The art of letter writing is dying. I used to write letters a lot, but I haven’t kept up because I usually do all the writing on email and facebook. I love getting letters in the mail. I love the feeling of excitement when cards and letters arrive in the mail. I really think it’s important to get back to writing and mailing letters.

  4. Fun! And you are just the sweetest–I am sure all these are the highlight of the recipient’s day. xo