If I had kids, I don’t think I’d want them eating crappy chocolate during Halloween or any other times. If I had kids, I’d want them to eat chocolate that was organic and fair trade. But I don’t have kids, so I eat the chocolate myself and if feeling generous, I break a piece and hand it to M. So honestly, if I had kids, I seriously doubt I’d share my organic and fair traded chocolate with them. 
That’s why I don’t have kids. – Me
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As Halloween slowly creeps up on us, we’re reminded by grocery stores and commercials to stock up on candy, mini-chocolates, and whatever else we decide to throw (gently place) in the trick-or-treaters baggies. Apparently you can’t give kids homemade cookies or brownies, because their parents will think they’re filled with poison. Well, duh. I wouldn’t let my kids eat a stranger’s delicious home-baked goodies; I’d eat them myself and sacrifice my life! Ha, that was supposed to be a joke. Back to Halloween.

When Equal Exchange contacted me telling me about their new line of chocolate bars, I was intrigued. Perfect timing of course for Halloween, and it dawned on me – why are we buying chocolates filled with corn syrup and colors, and artificial flavors when chocolates like Equal Exchange exist? You can buy a box of mini milk chocolate bars that are ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE certified for less than $25 when you use the 30% discount you get when playing their Facebook game!

“With this new line of affordable bars in traditional flavors, we hope to reach new chocolate-loving customers who want to support small-scale farmers, but have yet to find a Fair Trade, organic bar that appeals to their taste,” said Rob Everts, Co-Executive Director for Equal Exchange. “By broadening the market for Fair Trade, we can have an even greater impact on farmers.”

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If you want something more substantial then the minis, check out the new candy bars:

  • Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bar – think of this as your regular trail mix, encased in a sweet 55% dark chocolate! Chewy raisins and roasted almonds give this bar a fantastic texture. Perfect to chop up and throw in your granola recipe!
  • Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar – Creamy peanut butter lays underneath the smooth milk chocolate. For the classic, childhood taste cravings, this one hits the spot!
  • Milk Chocolate Crisp with Puffed Rice & Quinoa – my FAVORITE! Milk chocolate laced with vanilla and caramel undertones, it’s crispy interior is puffed rice and QUINOA. So as I eat two of these bars in a row, I remind myself it’s GOOD for me!

The organically-grown cacao in the chocolate bars is sourced from three Fair Trade co- ops in Peru: CACVRA, Oro Verde, and ACOPAGRO. The organic sugar is fairly traded and sourced from the small-farmer co-operative Manduvira in Paraguay.

That’s another thing I love about Equal Exchange. Not only do they source cacao from Peru, but they also source if from my home country of the Dominican Republic. They have a few of their cocoa mixes with chocolate from Dom. Rep., as well as their organic chocolate bars. Having a connection like this to a company that does so much good in my country, makes me stand by their product even more. By purchasing cacao from Dominican Republic, Equal Exchange is creating a community of farmers that are paid deserving rates for their harvest, as well as being educated in the process.

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Want to Fair Trade Your Halloween? Be sure to check out this link that gives you more information about it, as well as using the promo code above (HWEEN12) for a 15% discount on minis (great to give out to kids on Halloween!)

Disclaimer: Equal Exchange contacted me about sharing their new product line. Chocolate was sent free of charge and my opinions (as well as my chocolate addiction) are my own.

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