Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Frozen Fruit….Freeze-Dried Fruit? We consume fruit in every form possible to humankind, and now one of my current addictions is freeze-dried fruit. It’s crispy, it’s sweet and it’s just a natural and intense fruit flavor that you won’t find in any other fruit form.

But…how DO they convert slices of strawberries into those crispy freeze-fried morsels? Just like making astronaut food! Using a method called sublimation, Crispy Green takes fresh fruit, slices it and freezes it to preserve the nutrient content. Then the fruit slices are placed in a heated chamber where it receives heat from all sides and allows all the water to evaporate from the frozen fruit, WHILE it remains frozen. Sublimation causes a result of dry, crispy fruit that is as light as a feather. Learn more about freeze-dried foods over at How Science Works.

This is definitely a great product to add to our Build A Better Me Healthy Blogging Challenge, because we’re all looking for snacks that are actually good for us and are delicious. Because health and flavor should always go hand in hand!

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Other than snacking on them from the bag, here are a few tips on other ways to consume them:

  • Crush and add them to your morning yogurt or oatmeal
  • Make fruit cereal milk! Crush them into your milk and cold steep for an hour in the fridge. Strain and enjoy kiwi milk, strawberry milk, or even apple milk! Similar to the cereal milk process here.
  • Top cupcakes and muffins
  • Toss in your favorite trail mix for a burst of tart and sweet fruit flavor 

FruitziO is one of their lines and includes: FruitziO Strawberries, FruitziO Peaches, FruitziO Apples & Strawberries, FruitziO Apricots and FruitziO Kiwi. My favorite are the Strawberries: their tartness, balanced out with natural sweetness from cane sugar, makes them the perfect snack. Much better than mindlessly snacking on greasy potato chips. And I’m no calorie counter, but these have only 100 calories per bag! They’re also vegan, peanut/tree nut free, dairy free and gluten free!


Disclaimer: I was sent product free of charge to facilitate this post. My opinions are always my own, and no monetary compensation was exchanged. I just thought this would be a great snack addition to the Build A Better Me Challenge.

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  1. I love your suggestion to add freeze-dried fruit to our milk and steep it for an hour before straining. I’ve been trying to avoid candy and think that using freeze-dried fruit would be a good way to satisfy the sweet cravings I get. Your article provided some new ideas for using the fruit that I hadn’t considered, so thanks for taking the time to share!