Bacon dipped in gravy? I agree, only a crazy person would. Or someone who loves you so much and was willing to put at risk her own health just to know if it worked. Yes, it does. Go dip some bacon in bacon gravy. Right. Now.

Back to regular programming, this month’s Kitchen Play Progressive Challenge was about The Pig. Pork, Puerco, Cerdo. Bringing home the bacon. Bacon Gravy. Bacon Biscuits. Bacon Love. You get my bacon drift?

Cate over at Sweetnicks made Bacon Studded Cheddar Sandwiches, which looked amazing and made me want to grab my screen and have a bite! Now, I wanted to make these even more delicious and what’s better than a breakfast sandwich?! One that’s drenched in porky gravy, topped with bacon and sprinkled with even more bacon. Oh yeah, there’s also a baked egg in there.


Bacon Biscuits: Chef John Besh has come out with his latest cookbook, “My Family table” and I recommend you getting it. It’s filled with amazing, comforting recipes that will feed your soul! I made his Angel Biscuits and you can find the recipe in my Honest Cooking article. I made special biscuits topped with bacon for this dish.

Bacon Gravy: Break out the cast-iron pan and chop up some bacon, as you’d like (4-6 strips). Cook until whatever doneness you like your bacon (I like crisp edges, chewy center). Remove bacon from pan, but leave the drippings. Add 2 tablespoons flour and cook for one minute. Add 1 cup of whole milk, season with salt and pepper and add the bacon. Cook until thick and creamy. Adjust with more milk if needed.

Baked Egg: This is a great way to cook eggs when you have a few to get done. Pop some cupcake liners in a muffin tin, add some olive oil on the bottom of the liner and crack an egg inside. Top with salt and pepper and bake at 350F until the whites are cooked. They’ll slide right out and are the perfect shape and size for breakfast sandwiches.

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The National Pork Board is also sponsoring a delicious giveaway at Kitchen PLAY. Simply recreate this or any recipe from this month’s Progressive Party, post about the experience on your blog and provide a link to your post on Kitchen PLAY to enter.  All qualifying bloggers in each course will be entered to win a National Pork Board prize valued at $100 (6 prizes total) including:

  • 2 Jill Silverman Hough “Perfect Pairing“ Cookbooks
  • $50 American Express gift card
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The deadline is January 1, 2012. Please review the complete contest rules before entering. Good luck!

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  1. Oh bacon love makes me happy!!! This sounds absolutely perfect to me:-) I had bacon on my pizza today, and immediately thought of you, LOL! Love and Hugs, Terra

  2. Bacon biscuits look amazingly flaky. Ima make this recipe. Maybe replace the bacon with pork belly. Thanks Nelly.

  3. Oh my goodness Nelly! I just read your guest post over at Terra’s blog, and was all set to make poached eggs with roasted garlic and polenta, and now you post THIS! Think I need to stick to the first choice if I want to fit into my new years eve dress, bu this recipe sound amazing too!