Street food

Wherever street food is located, it is the central place where people would gather for quick eats. Depending on the region you are located in, the street food varies and in Dominican Republic, street food is abundant and delicious.

The time of day is crucial to the type of street food you will obtain. In the early mornings, you see trucks or carts selling fried green plantains with fried salami in paper bags; empanadas filled with meat, cheese and/or hardboiled eggs; sandwiches with the works and to wash it all down, a Styrofoam cup of freshly squeezed orange juice.

As the day goes on and you reach lunch time, the carts start selling their daily fare of lunch food, this including: red, greasy spaghettis with toasted bread; my favorite would be the old lady that worked a block away from my job and the days I didn’t eat at home, I’d go over and have her food, which was homemade Dominican red beans and rice, with some sort of chicken or beef and a salad. The meal cost about $50 Dominican pesos (US$1.44). It was cheap, fast and the most delicious and amazing food ever. You can also find Pork Rind vendors, with crispy, crunchy pork skins with a squeeze of lime on the side!


Dessert is always the fruit carts, the old man that sells every single tropical fruit, diced or whole, peeled and cored. Craving a fruit salad? He’ll dice a variety of fruits and drizzle them with local honey, handing you a skewer to spear them with and enjoy! On the beach, a slice of fruit is the perfect snack!


After the sun sets, the street food of choice are “chimis”, fatty, huge, greasy burgers in between bread and stuffed with cooked cabbage, carrots and a mayo and ketchup sauce. Served in a plastic bag or parchment bag, where you would eat it in, because of the huge mess it normally makes! Great after a night out of drinking and dancing!


Now on Martha’s Vineyard, I need to search for some food trucks if any! 
  What street food do you find in YOUR hometown? Do you have food trucks or carts?

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  1. I would love to live where there is some great street food. It’s a main reason I love to travel. Where I live, the closest thing to ‘street food’ is Sonic Drive-In. 🙁 I just need to visit the D.R. 🙂

  2. Oh YUM, YUM, YUM!!! I love fruit on a skewer:-) Here in Charlotte I haven’t noticed any street food, but we definitely have food trucks. They have a fun event every so often, and all the trucks get together to share their goodies. I haven’t been yet, will someday. In Tucson, when we traveled to Mexico, I loved the mangos on a skewer, so delicious! In Tucson, they have taco trucks everywhere, I was told they are amazing:-) Hugs, Terra

  3. Yum! We have one food truck in the area, Rocket Fine Street Food. All their food is homemade, all natural, no HFCS, and locally sourced (when possible) food. And they’re awesome people, too. They make these fantastic green chile cheeseburgers. And mac & cheese. And grilled cheese. Mmmm… they’re only out for lunch (except on special occasions, when they’ll make night appearances).

  4. Oh I love street food…back home in the Philippines, near schools…we’d find cut up Green MANGOES w/ shrimp paste or rock salt, Jicamas; Then Plantain fritters or wrapped in eggroll wrapper then deep-fried! Oh miss it so much! I live in suburban USA, no street food here. Must make my own in my kitch! Bam!

  5. Living in Small Town USA – we have ZERO food trucks, unless you want Mexican…nothing in the gourmet realm though. So if you find a good one, can you send me a care package? 🙂