As you may know, I’ve been traveling lately, but worry not because I had a few delicious posts coming up! In the meantime, check out Dr. Drip Coffee. I brought this on the plane with me and was able to have great, brewed coffee instead of that AWFUL airline coffee. Dr. Drip Coffee is perfect for situations like those, so read on to find out more! 

Don’t ever make me choose between coffee and bananas. I couldn’t do it and would just run away to a land filled with coffee and bananas. Good coffee that is, not that crappy dirty water some people call coffee. This coffee starts like any other story in 2011: Twitter.

While reading my daily Tasting Table one morning, something caught my sleepy eyes: Dr. Drip Coffee, with the sentence “A solution to bad hotel coffee”. I tweeted the article link and minutes later Dr. Drip (@DrDripCoffee) himself tweeted me thanks and asked if I’d like a sample. Dr. Drip had no knowledge of my coffee addiction (although I do have Klout in “cafes”, not “coffee”) and I rapidly tweeted back, yes please (and thank you!)

“A solution to bad hotel coffee” should more likely be…a solution to bad coffee. Period. Dr. Drip is an individually packaged serving of coffee and all your lazy self has to do is pour boiling water into it. I, for one, don’t ever drink hotel coffee for the reason that it always is horrible. You know where I’d love to have great coffee? On an airplane! Seriously, someone should start a petition. But I digress. The portability of Dr. Drip makes it easy to carry in your purse, backpack or laptop bag. The biodegradable package is torn open and set on top of a mug or cup, to which it grips to. Pour a much or as little (this is the important part, where you decide the strength of your brew) water as you need and sip away!


My verdict? “Double Daily Remedy” was the coffee I sampled and the coffee won’t replace my stove top espresso, but will certainly be a welcome brew on a plane or anywhere I know the coffee is undrinkable. It’s also perfect for when I run out of coffee at home! One thing I do recommend is to be fully awake when making Dr. Drip. I was half-asleep (how I normally make coffee) the first time I tried it and my hand tipped over the paper cup. I picked up a few grounds and threw them back in the filter and lived. Second time, was fully awake and on a plane, asked for a cup of boiling water and an empty cup to set my drip on and voila! Taste wise, I brewed it with about 1/4-1/2 cup of water and sweetened with raw sugar, it tasted quite close to my everyday coffee.

Want to get your own over the counter prescription? Check out Dr. Drip Products

Disclaimer: Dr. Drip prescribed free samples and I was under no obligation to review him. All opinions are based on my personal experience.

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  1. These look fun! But I’m thinking you probably got some strange looks on the plane…

  2. But the whole point of coffee is to wake you up! 😉 Seems like a neat solution though. Pretty cool!