“A picture is worth a thousand words”, right? Today I bring you not one, but TWELVE pictures on Tostones. What are Tostones, you ask me? Tostones are one of the Dominican Republic’s favorite side dishes, flattened green plantains, double fried and crispy. You can serve them for:
  • Breakfast, as a side to fried eggs and cheese
  • Lunch, as a side to Rice and Beans
  • Dinner, by using them as mini-sandwiches and layering them with fried salami
  • Passed Canapes, topping them with anything from Avocado (like I’ll show you!) to Duck Breast!
How to Make Tostones 101
  • Cut both ends off green plantains.
  • Slice a slit down the length of the entire plantain, going entirely through the skin.
  • Rub your hands with vegetable oil. This will prevent the starchiness of the plantains from making your hands unbearably sticky.
  • Break off the peel. Some plantains will be easier to peel than others. Work with them.


  • Preheat a saute pan with about an inch of oil.  You could also deep-fry these in a larger amount of oil and not have to flip them. Your call.)
  • Slice plantains into 1-1 1/2 inch pieces and slide into the hot oil.
  • Flip over after 30 seconds and remove from pan.


  • If you have a fancy toston masher, use that. Or just wash a can and mash your halfway cooked plantain with that.


  • Slide back into the hot oil, flip and cook for 30 more seconds on each side. 
  • Remove from pan, add salt and enjoy!

You can snack on these as they are, but below is a delicious idea you can add to your next dinner party or get together! How about setting up a bar of toppings and having your guests make their own creations? What a fun party!

To make Canape below:
Dice a ripe avocado and mix olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Layer on warm fried plantain, top with queso fresco and sprinkle with grilling spices or cayenne pepper. Enjoy!


Giveaway Time!!! What would YOU top with a fried green plantain? Dream up one creation and share in the comments! All entries will be entered to win a plantain masher (resembling this one) from the Dominican Republic! Foodie Rules: One entry per person. US addresses only. Deadline: September 13th at around bedtime (or 11pm).

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  1. Ha ha ha, I agree with Clara, I have my fried plantain post in draft, this is a must do for all who cook Dominican food. I happen to find you shared this in google,Nella, by the way Great job!! A video would be a great idea, I tried doing one back in March, but I am no good peeling it, believe me!! I would be happy to send you a racimo to the capital.


  2. Oh wheee! No Dominican culinary blogger can resist this recipe. 🙂 It looks delicious.

    Somebody (hint, hint) needs to make a Youtube video on how to peel them.

  3. Love those Tostones… I would try a MOJO Aioli and a dollop of Jalapeno Jelly

  4. ooh you’ve reminded me that i have a tostoneria that has not been touched for almost 2 years. =P my sis-in-law (she’s colombian) gave it to me after my hubs and i got married. i love tostones – usually just with a sprinkle of salt but i’ve been to a cuban restaurant that serves it with a corn & garlic salsa. mmm…

    ps – no need to enter me in the giveaway since i already have one. 😉

  5. I’been living in a Cuban community for a long time, and have learned how to make tostones with the green plantains. I use 2 heavy little plates to flatten them.
    Love your photo tutorial, and the canape with the avocado and queso on top. Yummm!!!
    I like to use just homemade tomato salsa topping on mine, or even chunky guacamole:DDD

  6. I’ve had plantains at other peoples homes and restaurants, but I’ve never cooked them myself. Seeing how easy it is to just fry them up is giving me a craving!

  7. Oh wow, I never had one of those, for some reason always passing them in the store..got to try this, I am literary drooling right now:)) you did such incredible job!