Somehow this got lost in my drafts this summer and now is that I find it! Is it too late for Iced Coffee? Are you still sweating the heat or has the cool fall breeze graced your city yet? Either way, I couldn’t NOT share these tips on Iced Coffee! Better late than never right? Cheers! (Plus Chilmark Coffee himself promised to make me some Iced Coffee this fall! Will report back!)


Honesty above everything right? Let’s just say it: I don’t enjoy iced coffee. Frozen Ice Coffees, yes. But the liquid form of coffee, COLD? No thanks. To me, it’s watered down, cold coffee and in my mind, that’s just not right. Just cannot commit and I am fine with that. But that doesn’t mean my lovely readers (YOU!) have to be in the dark about how to make a great iced coffee! Sharing is Caring and today I’ll be sharing a great method and recipe direct from Chilmark Coffee’s Roaster and Coffee Addict, Todd Christy on Martha’s Vineyard. If you need a little intro to who, what and where Chilmark Coffee Company is, check out my interview with Todd over at Hamptons Chef Society: Martha’s Personal Coffee Roaster.

On June 22nd at 7:35 pm, I received a Facebook message with the below instructions. Nothing more, nothing less. I felt like I had tapped into a secret coffee society and was being graced with this knowledge.

making iced coffee
“The Makings of Iced Coffee” Photo Credit: Chilmark Coffee Company

So, starting with the idea that iced coffee should be a wonderfully fun season treat…

I roast Tanzanian Peaberry three days before and let rest. Then brew and pour into rubber ice cube tray. Freeze.

Central American coffees are fantastic for iced coffee, so I go with Costa Rican or Panamanian. Measure out 1.5 times normal coffee to water ratio (ice dilutes)
Fill a 16 oz glass will fresh water ice. Drip brew the coffee right onto the ice.

Fill second glass with 2/3 Tanzanian coffee ice cubes and fresh water cubes and add in fresh brewed cold Costa Rican coffee. I like Truvia sweetner, but simple syrup is best. (Remember, cane sugar will not dissolve well in cold coffee.)

Add cream or milk to taste, serve in beautiful 16oz wide-mouth ball jar!!

Crazy fresh and outstanding.  Just for you my friend!!

Hoping that when he said “Just for you my friend!” he meant, just for my readers and I! If you have any questions about brewing, roasting, serving or even drinking coffee, leave them in the comments sections! I’ll round them up and get some answers for you, my coffee loving readers!

Photo Credit: Chilmark Coffee Company

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Are you an Iced Coffee Lover? 

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  1. Beautiful! Love the post.
    Delicious! I am happy to be your newest follower!
    Thank you…stay tuned for more!
    I love it….great job…

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  2. I absolutely love the flavor of anything coffee. I only drink 1 cup in the morning and as a treat sometimes an ice coffee in the afternoon for a pick me up. Espresso is a must too! 🙂