This post will direct you across the country, thousands of miles from the Dominican Republic to Germany, where today I am guest posting on Recipe Taster. Intrigued by how to make what’s below? Follow this link to read my post and recipe: Avocado Fries with Sweet and Spicy Peach Ketchup


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  1. I just read your interview with Rachel Cooks. Great interview. Your life sounds fabulous! 🙂
    These avocado fries sound amazing!

  2. I like the looks of that peach “ketchup” guess I better internet hop to Germany! GREG

  3. How wonderful looking! Avocado fries is definitely an intriguing idea for me. I’d love for you to stop by for the recipe swap I host every Wednesday to show off a recipe or two. Have a blessed day 🙂


  4. I’m addicted to avocados. I can’t believe I’ve never done this to them!!

  5. I enjoyed your guest post and can’t wait to try your recipe! Your photo looks like a food art poster, too — really nice!

  6. So how have I missed the “rage” over avocado fries until now? (I adore avocados.) Your version, with sweet & spicy peach ketchup, looks like a winner.

  7. Spicy ppeach and avocado girl?! Man, you know to hit the spot!! Heading over. Am already excited cause’ I know it will be sumtin’ good!