Today I’d like to make a Public Service Announcement via Cooking with Books. Today I’d like to introduce you to Francys Sandoval, Chef and Best Friend, who has FINALLY decided to start blogging about her culinary travels and adventures! Her new blog, La Cocina Kitchen, will take you through a culinary journey starting from the basics and all the way to the modern, crossing by techniques, ingredients, tools and experiences she has obtained both during her BPS at PUCMM college in Santo Domingo and The Culinary Institute of America in New York.

When I hear people say “oh, we’ve been through thick and thin”, Francys comes to mind. We went to PUCMM for 4 years and then attended CIA for 2 more years. We were roommates for the last 2 and oh dear, how we made it alive is a mystery to everyone that knows us. I’ve known her for a total of 7 years and she’s definitely like the sister I never had: she’s hugged me when I’ve needed it, she’s almost slapped me when I needed to snap out of it; she’s my partner in crime in 99.9% of everything I do. We’ve loved each other, we’ve hated each other, we break up, we get back together. Ha! Seriously, you’d love/hate her also if you knew her! We’re both strong persons, so we can fight like the best of them but also love the same.


She’s worked under some amazing chefs, the last one being Jose Andres at Cafe Atlantico in Washington, DC. She’s incredibly passionate about her craft, honing it every day with new skills and knowledge. She loves Mediterranean cuisine, hates feets and can’t live without me!

Fran is an incredible resource and I can call her up at any time of day (you can too) with questions like: what’s the smoking point of truffle oil? can you eat the skin of mahi-mahi? what tomatoes do you use for gazpacho? what’s the leanest cut of beef? can you eat quinoa raw? how do you pronouce kobe beef? what about marlin (like the fish, in spanish)? I’m not joking, she’s my culinary go-to and almost as funny as I am!

Follow her tweets @francys_mariel and join in the cooking fun!
Check out La Cocina Kitchen and show her some blog love.

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  1. aaaw lovely! I’m following her Twitter and blog now! 😀

  2. Welcome, Francys! If you’re Nelly’s friend, then you must be just as terrific as she is. Looking forward to your many food adventures!