Dear Readers: Happy Saturday! Hope you enjoy your weekend! In the meantime, let me take you on a visual tour of one of the Asian Markets of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Last time we did the typical produce aisle of a grocery store here, so why not now showcase my second favorite food: Asian (more specifically, Thai and you can see the love over at my Red Thai Curry Post).So without further ado, I introduce you to: Asiatico!
DSCN1828 1


Two rows filled with packaged dried fruits, mushrooms, spices and teas!
Since I am on a watermelon kick, these seemed interesting! Soy Sauce Watermelon Seeds?!
“Nori Fumi Furikake” or so I Googled! I love this on white rice; one of my CIA friends was addicted to it!
No, not pig cutlet. Fishy Fishy, I just loved the bright colored tin cans!
More fishy fishy, I’m guessing they’re a good snack?
NOW we’re talking! Ground Pork Cracklings. It’s like fairy dust! Sprinkle over cardboard and be happy!
I think this would be a great cake filling! #coconutlover
Another can I loved because of the colors!
So, this is powdered beef stock and it has a bunny on the package. Too cute!
Dried Noodles, love the simple, sleek packaging!
Maybe I should get into packaging, because this was my favorite! Packaged in soft rice paper!
This could be easily made at home, but if you can’t, they sell the mix!
I hadn’t seen flavored vegetable oils, much less horseradish! Have you?
The best product! I refrained from purchasing, I like my pork fresk, smoked, cured, salted but not canned!
I’m guess this is some type of tapioca sweet? Maybe like candy?
Milk Peanut Soup “Natural Food For Any Season”
Hope you enjoyed a slice of Asia in Dominican Republic! Do you ever visit your local Asian markets? What’s your favorite/least favorite product? I ended up purchasing rice for sushi, fish sauce, nori sheets, and a Phillipino Sauce to marinate meats in! My Mom loves Asian foods, so we trade: she makes me countless brownies, I make her countless…anything she wants!

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  1. Ooooh, I love the “tour” of this Asian market in DR. We do have a nice size Asian market in my city too. It’s so interesting looking at the variety of items …most of which I still have to learn how to use.

  2. I can get lost in asian markets, checking out all the things that are new to me. Great finds here! (I am a furikake addict as well…more furikake than rice in my bowl!)

  3. I’m a true grocery store addict. I loved looking inside your store, thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. I have never been to a true Asian Grocery but I have browsed the section at the World Market. I haven’t really done much with Asian flavors but I certainly should. Thanks for the tour!