Guest Post: Thai Curry for Two
The Wonderful World of Twitter introduced me to the talented and lovely Maris Callahan, author of the site In Good Taste. A site “meant to help take the intimidation out of cooking for busy, young professionals” as well as anyone who loves food, In Good Taste caters to a need that’s been screaming for help the past years. Cooking for One/Two is never an easy task without guidance, so be sure to check out the entertaining tips as well as helping you achieve a glorious mise en place!


I had the great opportunity to guest post on her site and it’s up today! Ever wanted to make Thai Curry, the simple way? A few ingredients, fresh vegetables and aromatic Basmati rice make this a great meal to cook at home, specially when cooking for two!  Follow this link to Thai Curry Heaven!

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  1. Thanks for the fantastic post! So happy to have you contributing to IGT!

  2. oh my, i have the same thai curry pastes too! i didn’t know they were vegan!!!