You’ve all heard me complain endlessly about the heat, so I’ve decided to suck it up and start consuming massive amounts of cool products. This will be a series of “Beat the Heat” recipes and stories, as well as tips on how to stay cool.

First up, I’m happy to introduce you to John Clift, Wine Director and Sommelier of Atria Restaurant and wine buyer for Great Harbor Gourmet & Spirits on Martha’s Vineyard, MA. Atria is probably my favorite restaurant on island; its great food, combined with excellent ambiance, makes it amazing. I remember last summer on my days off and wanting to get away from everyone, I’d walk to Atria and sit in their front terrace: comfy Adirondack chairs and perfect summer drinks, all while nibbling on a delicious appetizer created by Chef Christian Thornton. Atria also has a downstairs bar; a small pool table, huge crystal jars that held swimming fruit in vodka; dimly lit, it was the perfect spot to soothe your sunburns and have a great burger!

Now, let’s Beat the Heat! Remember the last time you drank Sangria? Was it sticky sweet, with chunks of over-ripe fruit and even an umbrella? Take all of those horrible past experiences about the lovely Sangria and give her a second chance, I promise she won’t let you down if you make this recipe. John has an amazing passion for wine and this summer he shares with us Atria’s delicious Sangria recipe with some unique ingredients, such as ginger liquor! There are as many recipes for Sangria as there are wines, so make sure to play around with different ones.
Atria’s Summer Sangria
Makes 1 liter
1 bottle of Lini Lambrusco (or any Sparkling Red Italian Wine)
3 oz Canton
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 large, ripe orange
1. Slice orange into wedges and muddle with sugar.
2. Add all liquors and let steep overnight to get best flavors.
3. Pour into a liter container and half cup of ice. Pour chilled Lini Lambrusco and enjoy!
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  1. Sangria…oh how I love thee. I am having boring old wine right now while watching some pretty trashy television (bachelorette hooks me, I admit..but I’m not proud – I’ll hang my head in shame later).

    I would love this right now. Thank you so much for sharing and all of your support.

  2. Sangria is my signature drink so I loved this post. I love to mix the wine with a little fresh lemonade and then the fruit! The picture looks so peaceful too by the way.

  3. Sangria is summer perfect! Thanks me back to hot summer days in Andalucia!

  4. I love Sangria in the summertime:)I haven’t made it yet this year (come on, California summer, start already!), but I am looking forward to the first sample:)
    This recipe is interesting – I have seen St. Germain mentioned on several blogs. Intriguing!

  5. Mmmm–loverly:) We had some during our Anniversary lunch that was pretty yummy, too. He called it “Cuban Sangria” and mixed it from Merlot, brandy, peach Schnapps, OJ and a hint of sugar. Sounds kinda weird w/the schnapps, but it So Worked. I love Atria’s addition of ginger liqueur to give it a bit of punch!