Happy Friday! Today I’d like to introduce you all to Tyler Tervooren, Professor of Advanced Riskology. If you haven’t discovered him, today is a great day. I’ve been reading Tyler for a while now and each and every of his newsletters make me think “Hey, why not!? I can do that!” If you’d like to ask yourself the same question, all while pushing yourself to become a better person in more ways than one, click here to receive updates.

Tyler’s social movement includes the 1% Club, which you can check out here. It’s mainly a list of goals he has and what he says about them might make you think about YOUR own dreams: “Each item is specific and meaningful to me and comes with a self-imposed time limit because I want them to be memories for longer than they are dreams.” -Tyler


“Advanced Riskology is a blog and social movement encouraging people of all ages to consciously choose what they want from life and take the risks necessary to achieve it.” – AR Facebook Page

Motivated by one of Tyler’s latest emails, I decided to see if he was up for a short Q&A about a risk-takers eating habits. Who knew he loves cheese, has an apple with peanut butter daily and is not a coffee person?! Read ahead for more great tips and insight!
Q1: Is breakfast an important part of your day? Is coffee involved?
It’s the most important part. I’m not always good about remembering to eat throughout the day—I often skip meals—so if I don’t get a good breakfast in, it can really mess up my day. And I don’t drink coffee or take in any caffeine, really. I’ve tried to learn to like coffee a few times, but I don’t care for the taste and it always leaves me feeling awful. Now I just accept that I’m not a coffee person.

Q2: What do you usually have for lunch and dinner?
I eat an apple with peanut butter every single day of the week for lunch. It’s so easy, and it fills me up. I don’t like to eat big lunches because they zap all my energy by about 2:00 PM. I try to rotate a variety of healthy foods for dinner—all my other meals are usually predetermined. Right now, some of my favorites are baked chicken/brown rice/asparagus or beef/broccoli stir fry with pinto beans. I also like to go vegetarian for dinner pretty frequently. One of my favorite veggie dinners is a portebello mushroom burger or veggie lasagna.

Q3: What do you eat before or after a work-out?
I need to get better about this because I don’t really have any special “workout food,” and judging by my energy levels after exercising, I need some!

Q4: How do you prepare for mountain climbing? What kind of snacks do you bring along for the hike?
I have lots of different things I like to take with me on climbing trips, but everything has to meet these two criteria:

1. Calorie dense – You burn a lot of calories hiking, so replacing them is important and I don’t like to carry lots of food, so something that’s calorie dense packs away easier.

2. Easily preserved – What’s the shelf life? Not the best measure of “healthy food,” but when you’re on the mountain, the #1 concern is just making sure you have enough food and that it stays safe to eat for as long as possible.

Q5: Last Meal, what would it be?
Probably something with cheese ALL OVER IT.

Q6: What DON’T you eat?
Hmm..I don’t eat a lot of things, but that’s mostly because I’m not very adventurous when it comes to seeking out new foods. It’s one part of my life where I don’t really go out of the way to find new things to try. I really don’t care for tuna, though. Especially canned tuna. If someone opens a can of tuna around me, I have to leave the room or I’ll get sick.

Q7: Have your eating habits changed after you became a risk-taker?
Sort of. Becoming a “risk-taker” can mean a lot of different things, and for me, physical challenges are a big part of it, so getting my body into the best shape possible to take on those challenges has necessarily included learning about and incorporating healthier foods into my daily diet.
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What risks have YOU taken lately? 

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  1. hmmm my big risk i’ve taken is eating new types of food. i tried fennel today! 🙂 oh yes, i also tried tamarind too… that was interesting. hahaha. love ya!

  2. I have a real fondness for people like you who are always seeking to be a better person. I’ll check out Advanced Riskology too. Never too old to be challenged.

  3. great post. hopping over to check out Tyler’s blog..an aplle with ob every day for lunch, ya know I think I would love this.why should the kiddos always have the great snacks!


  4. Fun post. I’ll definitely check out Advanced Riskology. Perhaps my biggest most recent risk had been to start my own business. It is something I had been thinking about for several years. It’s a lot of work, but has been very rewarding too. Food wise, I think I need to try sardines again. I used to like these as a kid, but have been scared to try them as an adult. Do you have any good sardine recipes? 🙂