Cinnamon Roll Dough

I don’t know about you, but I like my rolling pins to be hefty! I’ve had this one for as long as I can remember  and it is honestly a marvel. It’s heavy and plows through doughs wonderfully. Yeah, sure that those French Rolling Pins are cute to have around, but I just can’t seem to love them as much as my “roller” pin.When having to roll puff pastry or danish doughs, this is my go to rolling pin. The French ones just aren’t as comfortable and weight I can push down on the Roller Pin is so much more than what I can put on the French Pin. The straight French pins are great for Anger Management exercises: if you need to beat butter into a square for puff, this is the pin to use!

Rolling pins come in various types:

  • Rod:  normally made of wood and around an inch in diameter. You use them by rolling it across the dough using the  palm of your hand. Some are tapered for more control. Typically used in East Asia, France and Turkey.
  • Roller: also made of wood, and my favorite! Much larger diameter and handles are thinner on the sides. This allows for control and allow you to grasp them firmly. Many American pins are like this. Be careful to not submerge these types of pin in water, because the inside of the rod will rust!
  • Textured: can either be plastic or wood these pins are used to give your doughs a specific design. Pastry Chefs use plastic textured pins over fondant to decorate cakes with. Also, a special type of German biscuit is made with textured pins: Springerle biscuits.

What type of rolling pin do you own? Why do you love it?

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  1. I own an old fashion rod! It works just dandy for me 🙂

  2. i have a wooden rolling pin and i LOVE it. i feel like i have more control when using it than compared to the plastic ones.

  3. I find my marble rolling pin gives me a nice, hefty weight but honestly I’ve been looking for one like yours! Something nostalgic about wood…

  4. ooooo i don’t know too much about rolling pins. i own one, but it’s not as nice as this wooden one you have!!! thanks for this post – i’m going to have to invest in a better one soon! 🙂