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Escali Primo Digital Multifunctional Scale*

I’m going to come clean: I mis-scaled A LOT in culinary school. I admit it, I did. Why? I have NO clue. I was either not being aware of what I was doing or thinking about other things. In my defense, the scale issued to us by CIA had an evil red button on the bottom that locked your scale to protect it from becoming unbalanced. Little did I know that this red button would switch over to the “Locked” position from time to time. Unlike normal electronics that when in the Locked position don’t work, this scale would still turn on and make you think it was scaling the correct amount. But NO! It’d scale a random, close enough number for you to believe it was right. In baking, you don’t do “close-enough”. You do exactly as told and period. Unless, of course, it’s a flavoring or chocolate chips. You can add as many chocolate chips as you want!
So, I bought this Escali scale. “Pumpkin Orange” is the color and I love it. It has no lock-unlock issues! This scale weighs up to 11 pounds in ingredients and I’ve never needed it to go over that (at home). Extremely light and portable and colorful enough for me to never lose it, this scale was the answer to my prayers. Not only are scales great for ingredients, they are perfect for measuring out dough (so all your rolls are the same weight and bake at even times), scaling custards into ramekins (same idea, like the dough, even timing) and if you’re obsessive compulsive and want all your cookies to weigh 40 grams, go ahead!

If you take your baking seriously and want to be precise in it, buy a scale. They’re inexpensive (this one was $25 on Amazon) and will change your life! Make sure to change your batteries every once in a while, to keep it scaling perfectly.

*Photo Credit: Amazon.com

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  1. Yay, that’s some fancy stuff. Mine is more old-fashioned.

    Weighing is one of my pet peeves, beginners always think it is possible to translate things to volume measures and would not take my word that they need a scale, even a lousy one.

    I am sorry, I’ll get off the soap box now…

  2. Aubs, our was bulky and I hated that lock button! This Escali one also comes in your favorite color 😉

  3. that’s a great price, Nel! I think I need a new one… our old one was kinda bulky, yeah?