Once again, eggs are on my mind. The first installment was hosted by the lovely Lauren over at The Elephant’s Trunk and we talked about The Wonders of Italian Meringue.Today we will be discussing another magical product, made possible by your friend, The Egg.

When whole eggs are separated and whipped into two foams then folded together with other ingredients, it’s called Separate Foaming. Normally used for lady fingers and roulades, it’s the sturdiest foaming method and will not collapse when piped or spread. It also has no fat added, so you might want to sprinkle some bacon in there! I’m joking. I think. When making these, things to take into account:

  • Prepare your pans, sheet trays and piping equipment because this is still a delicate foam
  •  If you only own one KitchenAid bowl (like most of us) whip your whites first and then your yolks. I know, it sounds crazy and whites won’t wait but trust me, I prefer letting my whites wait a few minutes then having them not rise because of a speck of yolk in the bowl. So beat you whites, place in bowl and beat yolks. Add WHITES TO YOLKS….
  • And on that subject, always add the lightest foam to the heaviest one. TEMPER 1/3 of the whites into the yolks, just to soften them up. Then softly but efficiently fold in the rest of the whites and flour.

Adapted from CIA recipe
Yield: 4 sheet trays (2” lady fingers)
4 egg whites                                                        
4 oz sugar                                                                

4 egg yolks                                                         
2 oz sugar                                                                  
3 oz cake flour, sifted                     
1.Whip egg whites and sugar to a medium peak meringue.
2. Whip egg yolks and sugar for five minutes on high speed until ribbony and thick.
No need to wash that bowl!
3.Gradually fold meringue into the yolk mixture.
Temper and then add the rest!
4. Gradually fold cake flour into mixture.
Vintage Flour Sifting Pictures!
5. Pipe batter into desired lengths onto sheet pan. Must be piped and baked immediately!  
6. Bake at 400°F for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

What to do with a bunch of lady fingers? I eat them, because lady finger calories don’t count. It would be un-ladylike. hahaha, get it? Ahem, Sorry about that. You can use them to make the outside of a Charlotte..

or soak them in espresso and use them as a base for Tiramisu! If you make a sheet tray of the batter spread, you could make a Roulade filled with Fluff and iced with Nutella. I’m making Tiramisu tomorrow with these! What would YOU use them for?

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  1. thanks for the blog visit!! 🙂 love the step by step tutorial for lady fingers!! i wonder if there are vegan lady finger recipes out there~~~ 🙂