Aubrey talks to food. Seriously, I think she has finally found the way to communicate with it! Or that’s what I believe after reading her blog  full of great eats and a healthy lifestyle! Aubrey is a student at The Culinary Institute of America, where she majors in Culinary Arts. How fun is it to read someone else’s experience of the same school? VERY fun! 
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    Italktofood shares culinary school experiences for anyone interested in seeing what goes on at one of the world’s best culinary schools. Everything from what culinary students wear to their adventures in the city. She also shares her passion for healthy eating and exercising (which I sometimes try to be motivated by!). I admire her energy because honestly, after a day of kitchen classes and maybe working after school with chefs, working out was the LAST thing on my mind. I’d drop into bed, maybe attend a demo or two. But working out? Ha, just thinking that 12 laps around our track was one mile….made my head spin. Aubrey does this and more, so she’s a great role model for healthy living! I don’t remember how we connected on Twitter, but I’m glad we did!
   Here are some questions I asked Aubrey to get to know her a bit more! Enjoy!
     How long have you been blogging? 

   I started my blog in November of ’09. I had no idea what I would write about other than food. I also didn’t really read blogs at that time either. When I came to culinary school, a friend introduced me to a few blogs and I became addicted. There were tons of healthy eating active young ladies out there! It made me feel like I had “friends”.  I started to write more frequently when I was in Breakfast Cookery. I had class at 1:30am. I would stay up all night before class instead of sleeping…and that’s when my daily posts began.

What inspires your cooking?

  I like to eat healthy food. So naturally, I like to cook healthy food. I am inspired by what is in season, simplicity and combinations of flavors that I crave. I tend to like a dish to be balanced with something sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy, creamy and smooth.

Do you have any blogger pet peeves?

   I suppose my only pet peeve is seeing bloggers to only blog because they want readers and to be popular.

Last Meal Menu, what would you have?

I’d want a SHMORGUS BOARD of the following:

– stinky cheeses
-olive oil for dipping
– fois gras or chicken liver pate
– fresh bread
– grilled vegetables
– sauteed fish with crispy skin
– sangria 
– and a dessert of berry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.
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Thanks to Aubrey for being my Featured Blogger of the Week!

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