The lovely Lora over at Cake Duchess has an amazing doughnut recipe I wish everyone would make!  Her Baked Cake Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze  are perfectly fluffy, light and BAKED! In my book, anything baked is low in calories and that includes: cakes, cupcakes, croissants, danishes. Because obviously baked products are lower in fat, right? Right! Well, back to these doughnuts which I made a few weeks ago. You need a doughnut pan and I miraculously had a mini doughnut pan in the kitchen, hidden between the box of green tea my Dad is obsessed with and an old sheet tray. I pulled it out, washed it and realized I’d never, ever used it!

I made Lora’s exact recipe and they came out marvelous! A simple chocolate ganache on some and powdered sugar on the others was all they needed. These would make an adorable foodie-treat for a friend. Or you could make dozens of these and Fedex ’em to me. Whichever way you go, I’m fine with it, just head over to Cake Duchess and make these!  Email me if you need my address.

Sexy, right?

Delicious Bites!

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  1. Those donuts looks very tempting. I only like the powdered sugar ones and leave the chocolate glazed to my hubby.

  2. Your donuts turned out perfect and now I want more of them:)!!Thank you for the sweet words:)

  3. How did you know I was craving a donut?? We can get KrispyKreme at the airports and there’s usually a donut shop in large malls and the grocery stores will have them but that’s it! No stand alone donut shops like in the states.

    If there are donuts eaten here I make them. I don’t own a donut pan nor have I ever seen one in the shops. I suspect it’s an order from the states — again. 🙂

    These donuts look so good!

  4. these look AMAZING! especially the powdered sugar ones!!

  5. oh my, these look like dunkin donuts! wow! i want to make some…:)